Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Best Laid Plans

My very brief post last night turned out to be for naught; we did not all get to go to see Turbo last night.  I was posting about ten minutes before we were going to head out the door, truly believing we were all going to the movies.

Nope, didn't happen...

You see, I chose to battle with Mikayla last night and we both lost out.  She'd been having a rough day (she's been having a rough week.  All these changes!) and I was really starting to lose my patience with her.  So when an hour into dinner she was still working on her hoagie which I'd taken all the meat off of, basically leaving her a grilled cheese bun and had the same bit in her mouth for thirty minutes, I was kind of over it.  So I pulled the mean Mom card and said "I'm setting the timer for when we need to leave my.  If you're not done by that time, you're not going to the movies."  She had two bites and fifteen minutes.  No sweat I figured.  And I was sure my threat was all the motivation she would need.

Alas, nada.

And so I died on the hill.  Tough as it was, I followed through, told her she and I weren't going, kissed Noah and Grant goodbye and proceeded to spend the next forty-five minutes trying to find my place of zen while she threw an epic tantrum.  Some days, being the Mom seriously sucks.

Noah and Grant loved Turbo.  Mikayla did eventually calm down and even apologized.  I assured her I loved her and told her if she worked on her behavior over the next few days, maybe she and I would go see the movie while Noah was in school one day.  I'm hoping.

Today was another one full of ups and downs.  We decided to brave the col and the possibility of rain this morning and headed to Shiawasee Park to play for awhile this morning.  Grant and I really enjoy taking them over there on Sunday and letting them play while we chill and peruse the paper.  Since we're not sure how many more nice mornings there will be for this we decided to take advantage of it while we could.

Then we came back to celebrate National Linguine Day at lunch time.  Then it had been our intention to head to the DIY Streetfest in Ferndale. It looked like a lot of fun and we'd been looking forward to it.  But it also looked like if we went we'd most likely be getting wet.  So Grant worked on a project for awhile we some assists from the kids and we decided naps for all were a good idea.  Then it was off to catch up with my sister, Shell, for dinner.  Thanks to her for 1) making the trip to meet us halfway and 2) indulging my kiddos appetites (and attention spans or complete lack thereof) and agreeing to 'dine' at McDonald's.  While the McD's we met up didn't have a play place, it did come with a light up table that at least amused them for a bit.  It was awesome to see Shell for a bit and hear what's been going on with her :)  We made it back here just in time for some really fast baths and bed since there's school bright and early tomorrow morning!

It's promising to be a full week already with school, the ice cream social on Wednesday and MOPS this week, too.  Guacamole tomorrow :)  Until then...

Creamy Linguine

 Helping Daddy with his project

Mom - further proof he put his birthday present to good use.  He's been having quite the time with this :)  Today he was teaching them all about soldering...

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