Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Roller Coaster Riding

 I feel like I'm riding a roller coaster emotionally today.  We're still dealing with the frustration of Grant's team not having an answer of whether their project will be picked up or not.  They originally said last Friday.  Then Monday, then yesterday.  Ugghh, now they're saying it is technically funded through the end of the month.  And I know how frustrating it is for me to sit back and watch all this, I can't imagine how frustrated Grant is.  The project is literally in limbo, and they are continuing to work on it.  Prayers for a resolution sooner rather than later would be appreciated.

Then I'm soaring high as Grant came home with this:

Do you have any idea how LONG I have been waiting for this?  I have been wanting my own mixer FOREVER!  My wonderful husband is apparently taking advantage of the fact that it is his birthday week to spoil me.  I am dying to take it out of the box and for a test spin.  


I've got a whole bunch on my To-Do list for tonight before I can play with my new toy.  Bummer, I'm down again.  I thought I was going to be caught up tonight, but for some reason my connection with the office has been hinky over the past few days and here shortly I need to go in and work on putting together a real estate purchase contract.  Uck.  


The kiddos and I had a great time at the show in Plymouth today and Noah made it on stage:

Ready for the show

 Joel Tacey - juggler, entertainer, magician, etc :-p

 Noah got to go onstage to help!

 And got a sticker for his troubles

This was just bittersweet for me.  I was glad we had a good time (the kids have been absolutely awesomely behaved all day) and that Noah got to go help the magician (not the ma-di-cian) which thrilled him to no end.  But I am sad that the summer is ending.


The mail came:

I'm pretty sure the mailman is going to hate me pretty soon.  The mailbox was stuffed.  Happy: 2 state packets and a couple of birthday things for Grant.  Funny Apprehensive yet excited feeling in tummy:  Noah's classroom assignment and other instructions from school came.  Absolutely Annoyed:  The guy behind us who is too lazy to clean up the debris from one of our trees that fell on his property (most of which Grant did go and clean up though legally this is NOT our responsibility) wrote us a nasty threatening letter regarding getting the remaining debris taken care of.  OK, ready to get off the roller coaster now.


Then it was time to celebrate National Pecan Torte Day which led us to technically having what is considered a dessert for dinner.  I made a Huguenot Torte, which is an apple pecan torte created in the South in the 1950's.  Everyone here loved it, and who doesn't like having dinner that is covered in whipped cream?

Then back down a bit as we took the kiddos to a concert at the Pavillion that ended up giving Grant and I both a major headache as it was WAY TOO LOUD and really kind of obnoxious music.  Even the kids didn't really enjoy it.  Oh well, can't win 'em all.

I'm currently climbing, though (other than the reminder to myself that I need to get in to work here shortly) as the Tigers appear to be staging a comeback in the 7th currently.  A win would be good :)  And I'm suddenly reminded that I get to head to the 'Mont tomorrow.  Think I'm going solo as I have a doctor's appointment and am looking forward to a casual dinner at Casa Kosakowski.  Plus I've already prepped tomorrow's celebrations - spumoni and "Eat a Peach" which I will probably post early tomorrow afternoon before I head out.  And I'm thinking the kiddos are going to help me make homemade twinkies tomorrow morning, so that should be fun.  I'm looking forward to tomorrow being more uphill, or at least a little more even keeled.  Until then...

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