Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Raspberry Magic

Coming at you here early today as we are all going in different directions tonight.  I have a PTA Board meeting and Grant and the kiddos are headed to Riley Park to see Amazing Clark.  Given that we're deciding the budget tonight I think I'd much rather be with them.  But regardless...

A four year old with a bendy straw was the undisputed star of the magic show we went to in Plymouth today.

First, once again let me rave about how much I love Plymouth.  They actually shut down the streets around the pavilion (and park when its not raining like it was today) during the time of these shows so 1) all the kids can cross safely and 2) the fire trucks can come in and offer free tours to all the kiddos 3) all the people sponsoring the event set up tables with their supplies and also giveaways and raffles.  Kudos to the city for hosting such a family friendly event mid-week for every week during the summer.

But back to the four year old with the straw.  So we went to see Gordon Russ, The Comedic Magician.   And he was funny and did a great job.  My kids were elated.  I'm not sure I remember the last time I saw Noah laugh so hard.  The silly antics (knocking over the microphone, falling down, similar gags) were right up his alley and he thanked me profusely for being able to go.  Plus I treated them both to one of the Hawaiian Shaved ices they begged for last week so that may have helped.  So we were all enjoying ourselves when he asked for three assistants.  Noah was of course bummed not to be picked.  But one of the boys that was was a cute four year old.

The 'trick' was to make a 'lawnmower' noise with a bendy straw.  This consisted of bending the straw into an L, sticking one end under an armpit and blowing in the other.  I'm sure you smart people out there know what kind of sound this makes.  Well, now imagine it amplified by a microphone much to the delight of hundreds of kiddos.  And the little kid producing this noise was so into it he would not stop.  The gag went on (to the amusement of the whole audience) for at least five minutes.  So much for 'magic' I guess all you really need in life is a bendy straw!

It's National Raspberries in Cream Day and as I teased yesterday I made some of the most delicious cupcakes ever to celebrate.  They are actually stuffed with a raspberry whip cream filling, though I think the star is actually the cupcake which is a vanilla almond cake that turned out light and fluffy.  I've already had two, does this tell you anything?

And I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that my Tigers pulled it out last night to make it 10 in a row.  Even better, the news that came across today that delighted me more than anything I've heard in a very long time - the Tigers officially released Jose Valverde.  Good riddance to bad rubbish!   Mr. Dombrowski, do NOT go there again, OK?  Benoit is rocking it and now we've got Veras as a just in case, I think we're cool.  Now if we can just get Miggy healthy and Prince's bat in better working order I'm thinking we might be (knock wood) World Series ready.

Mom's here tomorrow to (God willing) lay the tile in my half bath.  Plus frozen custard and zucchini (weird combo, I agree).  And Grant's taking the kiddos to the new I-Max polar bear movie (I'm jealous) at the Science Museum.  Should be an awesome day!  Until then...

Eating lunch, ready for the show to start

 What a pretty princess (who looks like her bangs are in need of a trim now that I see this picture...)

 Green Apple Hawaiian Ice (I'm such a nice Mom some days)

 Gordon the Magician

 He laughed the whole show

 A little raspberry and cream snack
 My gorgeous cupcakes

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  1. If onlyl we'd known about these cupcakes 15 months ago . . .