Monday, August 26, 2013

Cherry Delight

Nothing beats a hot summer day more than a popsicle straight from the freezer.  So what a perfect day to celebrate National Cherry Popsicle Day!  As I mentioned yesterday, I came up with my own concoction (popsicle molds are AWESOME!) that was a mix of cherry jello, lime juice, cherry juice and maraschino cherries.  They were devoured on this steamy August evening.

Also, Mom, had to tell you that your tomatoes were awesome in the BLT Pasta salad we had for dinner.  Kayla kept saying "Grandma made these tomatoes, that makes them extra good"  Super easy to put together too - if you want the recipe to use up some of your plethora of tomatoes let me know ;-)

Typical Monday around here otherwise.  My funny of the day came with a conversation with Kayla discussing putting up the Christmas tree.  I told her I thought that perhaps it was a bit too early to do so, to which she told me "But Mom, the stores are selling Halloween stuff.  And Halloween is near Christmas, so we need to put up the tree."  Hmmm, hard to argue with that logic.  To that end, do these stores realize Halloween is still more than 2 months away?  I mean, seriously.  What happened to appreciating the moment?  Can we get through all the fun things in September and October FIRST?!?!?!  What's worse, is I know that come Tuesday (when we're officially past Labor Day) we'll be seeing tons of Christmas stuff and a countdown of shopping days, etc.  Kind of makes me want to scream.  (As I type this, anyone who followed my earlier blog will smile to note that I am specifically not calling out any stores in this rant.  No need to have any stores stalking my blog again, lol...)

We'll be loving bananas and celebrating some Pots de Creme tomorrow.  And Kayla and I are going on her school shopping spree tomorrow night, which should be an exciting adventure.  So until then..

Have I mentioned lately that I think the mailman is beginning to despise me?  This was all in my mailbox this afternoon....

 Saw this out grocery shopping this morning and couldn't resist.  LJ - aren't these awesome???

Happy National Cherry Popsicle Day

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