Friday, August 23, 2013

Happy Birthday, Grant David!

Really quick post tonight as we are about to head out the door to go to the City of Warren's Birthday part complete with fireworks :)  Don't you wish you got to do half the fun things we do around here?!?!


HAPPY 31st BIRTHDAY to my one, my only, my forever :)  We have been celebrating Grant in style today with everything from coffee and donuts this morning, to his dinner choice (chicken baseballs), his favorites for dessert (Reese's cups) and of course, presents!  You will have to check out the pictures below to see the awesome creations the kids made for him and what they got him.

Did you guess as to how we were celebrating National Spongecake day?  If you said Twinkies you'd be right!  Well, not the actual twinkie as there was no way I was going to spend the 1+ time described making the molds, so we had them cupcake style.  The kids and I whipped them up in Kid Kitchen yesterday and between me taking a few with me to Fremont yesterday, Grant taking a few with him to work to share as a birthday treat and the the kids and I taking the rest to Beechview to share with the staff and my fellow Board members and their kiddos while we worked on stuffing envelopes and setting up the new PTA board, all 2 dozen are gone!

Alright, off to Warren.  The kiddos and Grant are heading to Lowe's in the morning to make yet another character from Planes, we're all going to see the Dragon Boat Festival in Lake Orion tomorrow afternoon and perhaps back to Warren for a laser light show tomorrow night.  Phew, should be a full day!  Plus Peach Pie in a way I PROMISE you've never seen before :)  Until then...

Our spongecakes ready to be stuffed

 The frosting

 Noah and I decided hollowing them out would be the easiest way to stuff them

 Maybe not pretty, but sure yummy

 Noah devoured his taste test yesterday

 The kiddos creating birthday surprises for Grant today

 Birthday Loot

  Noah made Grant pipe cleaner jewelry all by himself

 U of M shorts! (They also got him a Lions hat (we now have all the teams covered except the Wings and the Pistons (and let's be honest, we really don't care about the Pistons) and Hershey Hugs and Kisses.  I got him a subscription to a Craft Beer of the Month Club :) )

Reese's Cup Smores just for Grant

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