Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Orange Dreams

There is an ice cream stand on Route 20 between Fremont and Toledo that has the best ever orange and vanilla twist ice cream.  I cannot begin to count how many times we stopped there for a treat on a drive between the two.  There may be no better combination than the mellow vanilla ice cream and the tart orange sherbet that they serve up and is the Kosakowski cone of choice on a stop there.

OK, left field.  But today is National Creamsicle Day and while I know that a creamsicle is a popsicle not ice cream and it doesn't even have to be orange, it was the first connection my brain made when I saw what today's celebration was.   It's got me thinking that maybe next time I make a trip to Fremont it might be worth taking 75 into Perrysburg and 20 into Fremont just so we can stop.

In the meantime, I'll have to settle for the orange creamsicles I made here today to celebrate.  And no, they're not quite as good, but they do rank a close second.  Everyone here loved today's celebration and I have a feeling I'll be whipping these up again soon.  It was even discussed over dinner about making a creamsicle with either grape juice/soda or even root beer this way.  Hmmm, endless possibilities, I love it!

In other news of the day, I must have misheard last week when they said there was another magician in Plymouth today.  No such luck.  Instead, and just as good, we had Guy Lewis, who entertained us with the stylings of his electric guitar.  He was lots of fun (he got the kids doing the Twist, making a Love Train and dancing to Jailhouse Rock) and we had a good time.  The noteworthy aspect of the whole scene was how many people attended today's concert.  I exaggerate not, and I tried to get a few pictures to at least kind of get it across, but there were easily 1000 people in Kellogg Park for the concert today.  The whole park was FULL of blankets, lawn chairs and strollers.

I have a MOPS steering committee meeting in the morning and we'll be celebrating Lemon Meringue Pie (G-Ma you've so been on my mind this week!).  Should be a good day!  Until then...

Having some lunch before the show

 Guy Lewis

 Trying to get pics of the crowd...

 Happy National Creamsicle Day!

Think Kayla like it?

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