Sunday, August 25, 2013

Life's a Sour Beach

Well, we didn't end up at the Splash Park today.  Further review of the day and Grant and I discovered 1) it was to be really hot today 2) too hot to really make a whole day of being outside and 3) though the kiddos would get into the Splash Park for free with the tickets they won at the Marshmallow Drop, the cost for Grant and I to get in was WAAAAYYYY too much to only spend a couple of hours there.

Plan B.

Further investigation turned up the fact that there are a few other free splash pads like the one at Heritage Park in the 'area'  One was actually at the Lake St. Clair Metropark.  Sounded like it would be worth checking out.

Fabulous idea.

We never even made it to the splash pad as we ended up spending the whole time we were there at the Beach area.  The kiddos and Grant went 'swimming' in the lake and then we played in the sand and hung out on the beach.  There was also a pool with a huge water slide, lots of playgrounds, a mini golf course, and tons of open space.  How come we hadn't stumbled across this little gem before?  And Dad, I so thought of you;  ESPN2 was there filming the Bass Fishing Tournament that was going on!  We will definitely be heading back there again.

We got back here just in time for dinner and to celebration National Whiskey Sour Day.  While the kiddos abstained from the actual drink, I made a whiskey sour steak for dinner tonight, as well.  It got a 'meh' overall.  Mom, have to share that the hit of the meal was the yellow squash casserole I made with the squash you sent me home with the other day.  Ritz Crackers and Cheese apparently even make squash appealing around here ;-)  Wait 'til you see what I'm doing with your tomatoes tomorrow!

One more week of summer.  They're both chomping at the bit and would start tomorrow if I'd let them.  We're going to live up the last week in high style, though and enjoy every moment of being together.  Cherry popsicles (I came up with my very own version  - just put them in my freezer to set up about an hour ago, so excited!) tomorrow!  Until then...

The Bean ready for a swim

Nosey Josey, too!

 Heading down to the lake

 Filling buckets to take back to use for sand castle making

 My little architects creating

 Whiskey Sour

Whiskey Sour Steak

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