Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Inaugural Run!

Wanted to get a quick post up before I headed to the 'Mont for the afternoon.  The kids and I just finished up a fabulous edition of Kid Kitchen where we got to give the new mixer a test drive!  I don't know two people that I would have rather shared making my first creation with :)  I am posting a couple of pictures (they were enamored with the mixer and how it ran.  I don't know if I've heard Noah say "cool" so many times in such a short period before) but will post our actual Kid Kitchen making and the finished product tomorrow as it is for tomorrow's celebration.

For today, Happy National Spumoni Day and Happy National Eat A Peach Day.  I made some of the cutest cupcakes ever yesterday for our spumoni celebration.  These have pistachio cake, cherry cake and are topped with a chocolate frosting and marachino cherry - all the components of the Italian dessert (usually an ice cream) known as spumoni.  And for our peach celebration I tried my hand at some peach bread.

Tomorrow is Grant's birthday and we're celebrating spongecake (hmmm, what do you think we made today???  Not spongecake exactly, but what's the first thing you think of that is made with spongecake.  We had fun for sure).  Also planning to head to Warren for some fireworks.  Should be great.  Until then...

Spumoni Cupcakes

 Aren't they fabulous?

 Peach Bread

 My favorite twosome

 They love the new mixer

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