Friday, August 30, 2013


We just got back from what will most likely be our final trip to the sprayground for the season.  It closes officially on Monday.  *Sigh*  Guess I should see this as yet another sign that a change is a comin'...

The kiddos and I decided to celebrate the last Friday of the summer in style today by doing one last Kid Kitchen complete with today's celebration food - toasted marshmallows!  And honestly, is there anything that says toasted marshmallows more than 'smores?  I know we already celebrated 'smores a couple of weeks ago, so we decided to make them with a bit of a twist.  Bring on our newest creation - Smoreo Brownies!

Graham Cracker Crust
Gooey brownie from scratch goodness
More gooey brownie
Toasty crunchy marshmallows


Not only did the kiddos and I have fun making these (Noah really like pressing down the graham cracker crust and since we used half and half oreos enjoyed making a pattern of white and black stripes with the oreos) but honestly, best brownie ever.

We're also working on getting everything in order with their school supplies so this afternoon Mikayla and I made the colored rice that she needs to take with her on Tuesday when she meets with Mrs. Porto.  I'll give you one guess as to what color Mikayla insisted the rice be.  Her Cinderella bookbag is all loaded up and ready for Tuesday.

Tomorrow Noah and I are going to do lunch and his school shopping and then it's back here for (dramatic pause) MICHIGAN FOOTBALL!!!!!  Oh my, I've only been waiting seven months to type that again :)  Fall Saturdays are my absolute favorite and I'm so looking forward to the game tomorrow.  Plus it usually means spending part of the day playing in my kitchen creating some fun fare, so it should be a great day.  I just finished making our block M jello jigglers and there's been a request for pizzas, so sounds like it'll be quite the party here!  Then Sunday we're headed off to the 'Mont for golf and a BBQ.  Planning on staying overnight in order to get to see Sarah for a little while (Aunt Sarah, if you're reading this I have specifically NOT touched Mikayla's bangs in anticipation of seeing you, lol) and then back here on Monday to regroup before our VERY BIG DAY on Tuesday.  Trail mix tomorrow, too.  So until then...

This makes me just smile

 Pressing down the graham crust

 Waiting for the butter to melt for the brownies

 Very careful

 Mixing up the brownie batter

 Noah's oreo pattern

 Ready for the oven and some toasting

 Yep, tasted as good as it looks!

 Mikayla making up her rice

Kudos to you if you guessed it'd be pink ;-)

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