Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Turnin' Over Some Cherries

Pretty uneventful day around here at the Gatchel's.  The kiddos and I ended up heading over to Catalpa Oak Park this morning to check it out.  It is the same place the marshmallow drop is held, but since then they've re-done the entire playground area.  Super nice!  Even better - there was NO ONE else there.  Noah and Kayla got to be King and Queen of the playground for a good 45 minutes before anyone else even showed up.

Happy National Cherry Turnover Day.  I have to say that I think I may have resorted to Plan about F to make today's cherry turnovers.  Three grocery stores turned up no fresh cherries this week, believe it or not.  I thought Michigan was supposed to be done of the largest cherry producing states in the nation, what gives?!?!  So my original plan to make some delicious turnovers with fresh cherries was a flop.  So was my desire to make fresh pastry crust, then.  It is ridiculously humid here today and I did not enjoy the thought of attempting to nicely roll out pastry dough to make turnovers without it sticking to everything in sight.


I cheated.

I used cherry pie filling.  And pre-made crescent rolls.  Total cheat, but cherry turnovers none the less.  Honestly, frustrated as I was about the problems I kept running into, it's a wonder I didn't just go out and buy a box of cherry pop-tarts and call it a day.  Regardless, everyone here loved them.  I wish I had gotten a picture of Mikayla post-cherry turnover...

The big Meet the Teacher and Popsicle Party is at school tomorrow for Noah, so we're all gearing up for that.  It's also my big first PTA event.  And we're going to be celebrating chop suey.  And lemon juice.  Odd, I know, but so what else is new around here ;-)  Until then...

The new playground area at Catalpa Oaks Park in Southfield

 Kinda love his picture :)

Not pretty, but cherry turnovers none the less (complete with a powdered sugar glaze)

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