Monday, August 5, 2013

No Waffling Here

A few months ago a tragedy of near epic proportions struck at Casa de Gatchel.  While attempting to relinquish it from the grips of an over-stuffed cupboard, our waffle iron slipped past me, hit the ground and broke into at least half a dozen pieces.  The loss of the waffle iron in a breakfast loving family would be tragic enough in and of itself but couple it with the fact that the waffle iron originally belonged to Grant's Dad, Gary, and Grant distinctly remembered it being used during his childhood and let's just say, tears were shed.  I'm pretty sure it earned me a spot sleeping on the couch for a few nights after that.

So for Mother's Day Grant and the kids bought me a waffle stick maker.  And it is fun and does the trick but I've missed having an actual waffle iron.  Especially since today is National Waffle Day.  I had ideas for a couple of fun dishes that weren't typical waffles but couldn't be created in my little machine.  So to celebrate National Waffle Day not only are we having waffles today but I bought a new iron.

I really thought I wanted a cool and fancy Belgian style iron but as I stood at the store perusing today I realized that I missed the old fashion single serving iron that I had broken.  The original did make round ones and this does squares, but its about as basic as can be and I am delighted.  I christened it tonight with potato waffles!

And as much fun as my purchase was, the highlight of my day came this morning when out on a walk in Charlie with my twosome.  They really do enjoy their rides (Noah claims Charlie gets lonely on the days we don't go out) and after they get over the first few minutes of determining who gets to put their feet where and establishing their own territory for the animals they've brought along, my favorite thing in the whole world to do is eavesdrop on their conversation.  They have taken to telling each other stories recently and they totally crack me up.  Today's creation by Kayla of course started "Once upon a time" (because what story for a princess loving little girl doesn't?) and was about two mermaid dolls being chased by a cat who then ate caramel apples.  Noah, my super hero aficionado came up with a story about Flash Dog (he's the pet of The Flash according to Noah) who took a bus to Canada to go fishing with Papa and Uncle Scott.  I could not make this stuff up if I tried and it amuses me to no end to listen to what they create.

Headed to Northville for a guy who does an act with Silly Hats apparently in the morning and there will be Root Beer Floats all around!  Until then...

 They had waffle sticks for breakfast and this for lunch - waffles with the rest of the Cotton Candy Mousse :)

 It's also National Oyster Day (again) and I still can't bring myself to make an oyster dish.  So oyster crackers it is!  These are taco flavored and Noah adored them.

 My treat to myself on National Waffle Day

 The Teenage Mutant Ninja Duo that live at my house were playing balloon baseball this afternoon (or at least that's what they were calling it)

 Potato Waffles (think Potato Pancakes but way less mess/frying and just as yummy)

 Waffle Sundaes for dessert tonight :)

Chocolate Peppermint Waffles, Whipped Cream, Chocolate Sauce, Nuts and Sprinkles - sounds like a darn good way to celebrate waffles to me

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