Saturday, August 17, 2013


What a great day!  A lot of creativity, a few melons, two spoiled rotten kiddos, and lots of awesome family time has made for one great Saturday here in Michigan.

The Melon Festival in Howell was so worth the trip!  The melon that is being celebrated is basically a cantaloupe that is grown specifically in Howell.  And throughout the whole festival you could only buy them in one place, which was kind of weird.  But we did indulge in some melon ice cream (this was a totally disconcerting taste.  You don't expect ice cream to taste like cantaloupe) and had lots of fun browsing through the vendors and shops that were open.  We saw a guy who carved melons and pumpkins (I asked and he said pumpkins were his favorite and the easiest and watermelons were the most difficult) and the kiddos got their whole faces painted.  I'll let you check out the pictures and not ruin it.  Mikayla also ended up with an adorable hat that Grant says makes her look exactly like Strawberry Shortcake and we found a very cool pair of green plaid shorts (for $2!!) for Noah for school.

And not to digress too much, but super shout out to my sharp eyed husband for spotting ridiculous deals today.  We're driving home and he says to me "do we need milk?" and I'm like "um, yeah, it's on my list for Monday, why?" to which he points out a sign for an Aldi that has milk for $1.59 a gallon.  Dude, I was thrilled when I saw I was going to be able to get it for $1.99 on Monday, totally worth the stop.  As we continue on home he says, "Oh, by the way, I'm going to drive down to 8 mile because when I was out this morning I noticed gas was $3.36 a gallon there (as opposed to the $3.61 it was down the street) and another 3 cents off a gallon for Speedway members"  Well dang dude, aren't you just the deal junkie!

I mentioned creativity and I have to share that I tried out a few new recipes on my little guinea pigs today.  This morning, to finish off the end of Apple Week, I tried out a recipe for apple cinnamon waffles.  I'd say it was a hit as it made 7 full size waffles and there are NONE left.  Grant ate 5.  Then for dinner tonight I 'invented' a new dish I am calling "Pizzacotti" - a cross between pepperoni pizza and manacotti.  It was AWESOME!  I told Grant last night that he gets to pick dinner on Friday for his birthday and he wants to know if I can make this again :-p

And of course, we celebrated :)  Happy National Vanilla Custard Day.  I made a vanilla custard topped with roasted blueberries that I'm going to rate a 'meh'  Noah loved it, and the rest of us just thought it was OK.  Celebrated none the less.

Headed to Auburn Hills tomorrow for lunch and then shopping with Mom and Dad.  Looking forward to it :)  And rumor has it that tomorrow is soft serve ice cream day and my kiddos saw a deer.  Until then...
Carved watermelon

 Noah was in charge of making sure everyone got some melon ice cream

 Kayla getting her face painted

 Noah too

 Look at that beautiful butterfly!

 And Spiderman!

 We couldn't pass up the hat

 Mom - this one's for you.  I know it's not the right year, but it was the only yellow mustang I've seen in two days...

 Kayla had to have her picture taken in front of a pink car

 And Noah really like this one

 Vanilla custard with roasted blueberries

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