Sunday, August 4, 2013

Elephant Baths and other zoo fun

Today I saw an elephant get a bath.  Today I saw an elephant take a bath and listen to and obey instructions being given by the trainer doing the bathing.  Today I saw an elephant take a bath and listen to and obey instructions being given by the trainer doing the bathing where said elephant behaved and followed instructions more competently than my three and five year old.

No joke.


We have been attempting a trip to the zoo for the past few weekends because we wanted to make sure to get there before the Australia exhibit packed up its animals after next weekend.  Of particular interest was the largest crocodile in captivity (over 17 feet!) that they had on display.  Today was gorgeous and my Mom was able to join us, so a definite win win.

It was apparently early on in our visit that other than the snoozing polar bear cubs the animals were all enjoying the beautiful weather as well.  The giraffes and other animals in the Savannah exhibit were all out.  We got to see a whole bunch of wallabies (they are adorable) and then wandered over to see the crocodile which really is too big to wrap your brain around. As my mom told Mikayla "He's bigger than if you put Uncle Scott, Mommy and Daddy end to end"  We were just coming out of the croc exhibit when we noticed that the one of the elephants was being scrubbed down.  We wandered over for a closer look.

I know you probably would have to see it to believe it, but the way the elephant followed the instructions of the trainer was absolutely mind boggling.  I was picturing how difficult it is to even give Bella a bath (let alone Thing 1 and Thing 2) but the elephant just stood there and gamely dealt with it, turned, stood, and sat as instructed without so much as blinking an eye.  When they were finished they gave the elephant A WHOLE WATERMELON which it literally picked up by its trunk, but in its mouth and crunched in one bite.  Best zoo trip ever.

It's also National Chocolate Chip Day around here and I wanted to avoid the cliche of the cookie so I came up with a few alternatives for us to celebrate.  We had chocolate chip crescent swirls for breakfast (a Kristi creation of crescent roll, a layer of cream cheese and then mini chocolate chips wrapped up like a cinnamon roll, sliced in pieces and baked) and the chocolate chip bread pudding tonight.

Took Noah off roading by myself tonight.  He's still doing well.  We might try something other than 'the loop' tomorrow.  Another great Tigers win this afternoon - watch out Indians we're coming for ya!

Waffles and Oysters (kinda, sorta, again...) tomorrow.  Until then...

 Chocolate Chip Crescent Swirls

 There was a ninja turtle lego tea party in my playroom today...

 This ninja turtle attended

 Tried to get a good shot of the cubs but they were snoozin' away

 The giraffes - my favorite


 My two favorite joeys

 Riding the giant tortoises

 One really big crocodile

 The elephant getting a bath!


 These are for Aunt Shell

Chocolate Chip Bread Pudding

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  1. Just to help me remember - we saw a MOB of wallabies. Such fun! My most interesting zoo day, too!