Thursday, July 11, 2013

Plan B for Blueberry

Today has made my control freak, organized, scheduled self kind of nutso, to be honest.  Nothing has really gone 'according to Hoyle' all day.  But I'd say we did more than a fair job of turning our lemons into lemonade and really enjoying "Plan B" instead.

To begin with, the storms that raged through the 'Mont yesterday did a lot more damage than originally estimated.  In fact, my parents are still without power.  Worse yet, AEP is estimating it will be SUNDAY afternoon before they even get power back.  And we (the kids and I) were supposed to be heading to Fremont today.  My friend from high school, Corinne and her boys (remember Flat Peyton?) are in town and we were going to catch up with them at the park for a few hours and then grab dinner with Mom and Dad since we'd already be in town.  Well, the lack of power and the number of downed power lines and trees had us rethinking that one.  After touching base with both my Mom and Corinne on it, we decided it was best if we didn't head to  Fremont today.  Bummer...  (Side Note:  The News Messenger has some really great info and pictures of the storm damage in Fremont if you're interested)

So we took advantage of being in Farmington today and trooped down to the library for outdoor storytime.  Then, I fortunately remembered today was 7/11 which meant not only were we celebrating Blueberry Muffins, but FREE SLURPEES!  I can tell you for a fact that both of my kids craved slurpees from their conception as I highly considered investing in 7/11 stock while I was pregnant I drank so many slurpees.  And 7/11 has wised up and they now have sugar free slurpees, too, which makes this Mom at least a little happier with letting them indulge in this treat.  Noah had a Mango Lemonade and Kayla went with Wild Cherry.  Plan B was looking up.

Since we had messed up Grant's time by himself after dinner tonight by actually being home, I offered to take the kiddos to the Spray Ground for awhile so he could still have at least some time to himself.  (And what, you ask, did my other half want to do with this time?  Mow the lawn!)  I don't blame him, the project that he's spent the last 2 months on has a 'drop dead' date of next Friday so they are running him kind of ragged at the office right now.  Coming home to the chaos that can be Casa de Gatchel I'm sure can be tough.

Anywho, off to the Spray Ground we go where the first five minutes were wonderful.  Then, disaster.  Chalk another one up to me being completely powerless today as I watched a 10 year old girl streak across the spray ground and plow straight into Kayla.  I was half way to her (completely drenched) by the time she hit the ground but knew one of her "Kayla Pass Out Scenes" was on the way.  If you haven't had the pleasure of experiencing one of these (I know my fam and Arthur and Kristina are only too familiar...) Mikayla has these breath holding spells where she actually holds her breath, turns blue, goes stiff as a board and passes out.  Twice in the past this has warranted an ambulance call.  I have talked with both her pediatrician in Florida who ran a bunch of tests and her pediatrician here who have assured me this is 'normal'  HA!  Try being there for one of them.  It is absolutely terrifying as she stop breathing usually for a good 20-30 seconds.  So you can only imagine not only my panic level (who knows what's coming and how to deal with is) but that of the dozen or so parents gathering around at the spray ground.  As I'm shaking Kayla out of it and attempting to convince them this is 'normal' (stupid doctors) and that no call to 911 is necessary I was silently cursing yesterday's storms in the back of my mind since we'd have been in Fremont then if it hadn't been for them.  Ridiculous, I know, but like I said, I was teetering on panic myself.

Mikayla was/is just fine.  Let me repeat - the Bean is fine and dandy.  As usual she was a little shocked and dazed afterward, but other than a scrape on her arm, all is well.  She officially had enough of the spray ground after that, though, and I sat cuddling a very wet shaken up three year old while her brother played.  I think it may be a few days before we head back to the spray ground...

Not sure (other than eating some pecan pie) what tomorrow looks like, but I'm sure we'll tackle that beast when it comes :)  Until then...

These were called "To Die For Blueberry Muffins" and Grant says "yep"

 Ready for pavilion storytime

 They were back at the hula hoops.  Aunt Sarah, they said to tell you they're coming for you!

 Bubbles, too

 Happy 7/11!

 And then, Snow White, completely decked out including heels, came to play

 And brought along her friend the Pirate Who Wears Sunglasses

 Noah at the Spray Ground

Mikayla pre-collision

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