Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Juggling Sugar

 Happy National Sugar Cookie Day!   It was great to catch my facebook feed a few times today and see the different businesses and places that acknowledged Sugar Cookie Day (Pepperidge Farms, Subway and the National Walnut Association to just name a few!)  I know our celebrations are a little inane to some, but some of the days actually do make a bigger splash than others.  We celebrated by my making a batch of old fashioned sugar cookies - half the batter I used to make actual cookies (which are gone) and the other half I used to make my favorite sugar cookie dish - fruit pizza!

We did make it to the juggler and it was fabulous!  The park in Novi (which we'd never been to) was really nice and packed full of people.  We settled on a seat kind of far up but in prime eye shot of the stage.  The juggler was talented and very funny (lots of fun pics below) and of course, true to form, Noah made it on stage!  He got to be an assistant on a trick with a few other kids.  I swear the kid must have a face that begs to be on stage.  Novi has family related events every Tuesday apparently (as does Northville I've learned) and now that there is no musical storytime on Tuesday mornings (bummer!) think we'll be checking more of these out.  We all really had a great time.  A quick stop at Toys R Us on the way home and we were finally able to find some replacement bath loofahs that everyone could agree on.  One morning, two happy kiddos = a very pleased Kristi.

Noah and I tonight started our latest project as well.  While in Maryland, Kristina took me to a really cool book warehouse.  I of course couldn't leave without something for everyone - a Kid cookbook for me, a true telling of "The Little Mermaid" for Kayla, a book on conspiracy theories for Grant that I want to read, too and a book called "101 Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies" for Noah.  Noah loves chocolate chip cookies.  When I gave it to him I told him this was going to be for just he and I and that together we were going to make every kind of cookie in the book.  He was so excited and tonight we tried our for cookie in what we've decided to call "Noah and Mommy's Great Chocolate Chip Adventure"  We made Agnes' Sour Cream Chocolate Chip Cookies and the got a thumbs up all around.  Not to be forgotten, I did then do something with just Kayla tonight, too and made sure she got new colors on her fingers and toes :)

Just watched Tuiasosopo put the Tigers up 1-0, hopefully that continues.  Really looking forward to tomorrow as not only is it Pina Colada day, and Kid Kitchen, but JIM GILL COMES TOMORROW!  The kids and I have been anxiously awaiting this since the library first announced it about six months ago.  Can't wait!!!  Until then...

PS - Mom, is the juggling event open to the public?  The kids were enamoured today and it sounds like something they may be interested in!

Ready to watch some juggling

 View from our seats

 Saying hi

 "The Danger Trick"

 The 2nd Danger Trick

 Noah gets on stage

 The trick Noah helped with

 Sugar cookies!

 Isn't it beautiful?  When I pulled it out I told the kids I needed sufficient oohs and aahs before I cut it and they both literally went "oooohhhhh, ahhhhhh"  Cracked me up

 Noah and Mommy's Great Chocolate Chip Adventure

 Agnes' Sour Cream Chocolate Chip Cookies

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  1. OOOhhhhh! AAAAHHhhhh! Fruit pizza - YUM!! Yes on the juggling - there are shows every evening and a parade on Friday. I'll send details.