Monday, July 29, 2013

Layered to Perfection

Anybody want to guess what the above picture is?

Nope, not some kind of fruit crisp or cobbler.

Nope, not tonight's dessert at the Gatchel's.

Any more guesses?  Beuhler?

Give up?


Apple Lasagna! 

Happy National Lasagna Day!  My original list had today's celebration mis-labeled and a quick check of the other list I use to cross reference showed that today we're supposed to be celebrating lasagna.  I of course found this out AFTER I made lasagna roll-ups for dinner last Thursday night.  And I couldn't really serve the typical form of lasagna again so soon (though I doubt I would have heard too many protests around here) so I set out to find something a little different.

I think I accomplished that :-p

It might be hard tell from the picture, bu this lasagna has most of the usual components - lasagna noodles, a 'sauce' of some kind (apple pie filling!) and a cheese layer (mine has cream cheese, cottage cheese and cheddar.  Remember this, it'll be important later...)  The reviews were mixed.  The kids enjoyed it and Grant said he liked it, but if I didn't make it again anytime really soon he wouldn't be overly disappointed.  He said it was weird - he knew there was cheese and noodles in it, he could distinguish the texture, but the 'sweet' overpowered it and it was a lot like eating an apple crisp.  Weird for a main dish at dinner.

Of course, I couldn't stop at just one form of lasagna, and also made an ice cream sandwich lasagna.  This went over MUCH better :)  And it turned out just beautifully.  Lasagna, consider yourself unconventionally celebrated.

Today is also one of those weird "who the heck came up with this" days; National Cheese Purchase Sacrifice Day.  Apparently the deal is you are supposed to buy cheese and 'sacrifice' it to the mouse trap to catch the mice in your house.  Um, yeah...  In July?  Needless to say this is not the way I chose to celebrate today - instead we had all kind of different cheese today.  See my list from the lasagna above and add to it a crispy mini cheese pizza we had to go with dinner.  This one weirds me out so much I can't even comment anymore.

Otherwise, the news of the day around here is that it is chilly!  I'm pretty sure the mercury in the thermometer never topped 70 here today, which is just strange.  Wasn't it just 2 weeks ago that we were all practically melting due to the heat?  I suppose this is typical mid-west weather, but dang!

Alright, cheesecake tomorrow.  And a trip to Northville for a concert and hopefully some playtime at the park with the kiddos.  Until then...

Cheese Purchase Sacrifice - really???

 Ice Cream Sandwich Lasagna

I don't think I could have made more beautiful layers if I'd tried :)

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