Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Fritterin' Away in the Heat

 You know it's hot in the D when...

1) You walk in the bathroom to find the dog on her back with her legs in the air attempting to soak up the coolness of the linoleum

2) You have to change the sheets in the kids room because you can wring the moisture out of the pillowcases post-nap

3) You walk into the kitchen to find one of the salt dough ornaments the kids created in February had fallen off the fridge.  You pick it up to put it back only to discover it is no longer hard, in fact, it is about the consistency of play-doh

I'd say those all cover our day here pretty well.  As I said yesterday, I'm really OK with the heat.  But this humidity has to end soon!  I felt like I needed a shower after just sweeping the kitchen floor.  And me, the girl who loves to cook and be in the kitchen whipping up something was desperately trying to come up with a Plan B for dinner that did not require my turning on the oven.  Looks like we're stuck with the heat and humidity at least through Friday.  Instead of whining about it any more, I'm simply going to say "Thank you God for the seasons, and in January when I can't feel my fingers I will remember these sweat drenched days and be thankful then, too"

Despite the heat, the kiddos and I decided to head out and make our way to Northville this morning for the music in the town square.  And I'm glad that we did because Noah said it was his favorite concert of the year.  Rick Kelly played all kind of fun kid-friendly songs that included hand games, singing and dancing.  We even got to limbo and play with hula hoops!  Mikayla was up on stage as part of his posse at one point and we even hung out by the side of the fountain (I let them stick their feet in) and eat free popcorn afterward.  Northville is another one of those great little towns within a 20 minute drive and now we'll have to check each Tuesday to see if we want to head there or to Novi where we went for the juggler last week.

On the way home, since they've shown such an interest in them lately (and I want them to be able to challenge Aunt Sarah when they see her next) we stopped and got them their own hula hoops!  They both are practicing Sar, you might want to start brushing up...

Tonight we caught the All Star game (it's currently just after 9:30 and they JUST went to bed) and I again came up with some fun treats to celebrate our love of baseball.  We had some great Baseball Cereal Treats (they were cheerios, not rice krispies) and then I made Tiger Pops (orange, white and blue striped popsicles).  We're pulling for the AL (who are currently leading) as if they win, the AL representative to the World Series (who we're really counting on being the Tigers) will have home field advantage.  Go American League!

And in our food news, Happy National Corn Fritter Day!  I made a corn fritter pancake for dinner tonight (I did have to use the stove by managed to get out of turning the oven on.  Awesome!) that everyone loved.  They were super easy and I think you could easily swap the corn out for other veggies, or mix and match.  Think I'll be holding on to this recipe.

Going to make a bunch of stuff in Kid Kitchen tomorrow to try to beat the heat including some very interesting hot dog cookies, a chili dog casserole and peach ice cream!  (Can you guess what tomorrow's foods are??)  Until then...

Ready for the concert

 Rick Kelly in Northville


 Mikayla as part of the posse

 The Bean hooping away

 Noah giving it a go

 Enjoying the fountain and some popcorn

 Cereal Baseballs

 Practicing with their new hoops

 Frying up the fritters

 Yummy corn fritters

Enjoying the game and their Tiger Pops (I layered orange kool-aid, lemonade and blue kool-aid for these)


  1. I feel as though I might have to go get a hula hoop now...

  2. Sarah - Do you think you can run and hula-hoop at the same time?