Thursday, July 4, 2013

A Picture Update from MD

 Tuesday was National Anisette Day - which is a anise flavored biscotti cookie.  Just got an "OK" from the gang

 Mom's Birthday Apple Pie

 On the road to Maryland the morning after the Drive-In - Kayla stayed passed out 'til almost 9am - 2 'bonus' hours for us!

 Noah, on the other hand was waaay to excited to sleep

 How you know you have an amazing best friend - not only does she indulge your silly antics like celebrating all the National Food Days, she embraces it and 'plays' along.  Wednesday was National Eat Bean Days and Kristina made the most wonderful Quinoa and 4 Bean Salad for dinner.  So good I asked for the recipe!

 Wednesday was also National Chocolate Wafer Cookie Day

 Whitney, Carter and their adorable son, Calvin (friends of the Kunkle's) came over for a 4th of July BBQ.  Mikayla was enjoying helping push Calvin in the airplane swing out back

The following is Titled: The 'Cousins' Photo Shoot

 Mikayla, Noah and the most adorable Miss Lillian

We pause for a Lillian Costume Change

 My favorite

 Arthur, Kristina and Lillian

 Happy National BBQ Rib Day - Kristina made some awesome ribs in the crock pot to celebrate

 Happy National Caesar Salad Day!

 We made the dressing for the salad from scratch

 Fun with Sparklers

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