Friday, July 5, 2013


 Sitting pretty, ready to head into the city

 Playing the chimes in the park at Inner Harbor

 How cool are big random statues?

 Hard to tell, but they're getting eaten by giant jaws at the National Aquarium

 The Dolphin Cove at the National Aquarium


 Kayla checking out the dolphins

 Kristina showing Lillian the jelly fish

(Lots of jelly fish follow)

 These are upside down jelly fish

 Playing in the kids area in the Aquarium

 Finding Nemo

 A Chocolate Tree


 The pink bird from Australia Kayla had to have a picture of

 Pausing in front of a crab after lunch

 Getting hit with the smoke ring at the Maryland Science Center

 Arthur in an Emergency Parka

 Mikayla being an astronaut

 Arthur and Lillian at the water table in the Science Center

 I think the three of them would have stayed at the Water Station in the Maryland Science Center most of the day if we would have let them

 Lillian the Ladybug

 Baltimore Inner Harbor

 Kayla trying out the bed of nails

 Noah, too

 Uncle Grant holding Lillian

 Happy National Apple Turnover Day

Arthur was wonderful enough to get authentic Maryland Crab Cakes for us to try out - they were fabulous!

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