Sunday, July 28, 2013

Milkin' it for all it's worth

Our original plan for the weekend had us going to the zoo today.  The Australia exhibit wraps up in a couple of weeks here (we were of course last there days before it started...) and we all really want to see the huge crocodile.  Apparently Mother Nature decided she didn't like our plans as it's been rainy/overcast/cold here all day.  In fact, I've busted out the cuddle duds again, and even Grant and Noah admitted to needing jackets on our after dinner walk.  Gee, last time I looked at the calendar it said July, not April.

Oh well, we had a great day anyway.  It's National Milk Chocolate Day so this morning Noah and I chose another recipe from his chocolate chip cookie book that feature milk chocolate in it.  We made some very tasty "Tiger Striped Cookies" which everyone here loved.

Then it was off to the movies this afternoon.  There is a $1 theater nearby in Allen Park and every so often we pop in for a movie.  We took the kiddos to see "Epic" there this afternoon.  It was pretty cute.  I thought the visuals of the forest setting were especially realistic and constantly blown away by the advances in animation.  It's come a looonnnngggg way since I was hooked on "The Little Mermaid" for sure.

Dinner (I made two new recipes - Southern Grits Casserole and Blueberry Dumplings - both get 4 out of 5 stars here, with the dumplings maybe getting 4 1/2), a walk and a bike ride for Noah, a quick trip to take back the recyclables (gotta love living in Michigan...) and now we're home for baths, bed and I'm busy prepping menus, being "the laundry fairy" and probably going into work for awhile tonight.  Phew, it's been a full but very productive weekend.

Lasagna in what I guarantee is a way you've never seen it before (actually 2 ways) tomorrow :)  Until then...

 Had to use Milk Chocolate in one of my favorite ways this morning - Smores!  I made smore waffle sticks for breakfast this morning (yep, they were graham cracker flavored waffles even)

 Grant and the kiddos set up the Chuggington sets this morning

Noah and I picked recipe #2 from his book - only 99 to go!

 Our tiger striped cookies ready for the oven

 The picture doesn't really do them justice, they looked really cool once they baked

And perhaps the most well known salute to milk chocolate - M & M's!  Had to indulge at the movies today :)

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