Friday, July 12, 2013

Rockin' Pecan Pie

 After yesterday, I thought we needed kind of a chill day around here.  It's been a busy week!  Who am I kidding - it's been a busy month so far!  I was ready for a laid back Friday and was sure the kiddos were, too.

We took advantage of regular pre-school storytime at the main branch of the library this morning (they have a new librarian who did an awesome job!) where we learned all about plants and things that grow in the ground.  The kids made some awesome flowers and got to play with Bingo dotters (it made me think of G-Ma and wish she could see my twosome).  After a quick run to the store for some needed items over the next few days, I treated the kids to lunch and a movie.  They were happy, I got to run the vacuum, I'd say it was a win-win situation.  As I posted on facebook earlier, there is just something about fresh vacuum tracks in the carpeting that makes me happy.

After dinner with pecan pie bars for dessert (Happy National Pecan Pie Day!) we headed to the pavilion downtown for the Friday night concert.  It was a band that did jukebox music and some rock-a-billy and was a lot of fun.  And because I'm a super cool Mom and thought everyone needed to be spoiled a bit I 'forgot' the camera in the car and had to go back for it, which actually led to a quick trip to grab some ice cream as a surprise.  My little dancer rocked her groove, Noah chilled and Grant and I just enjoyed being outside, listening to the music and knowing that the whole gang was content for awhile.

We just made it home for baths and to catch the game.  (We're currently up 7-2!)  Not sure what the weekend looks like as it appears that Grant will have to spend a good chunk of it at the office.  And apparently on Monday he's going to have to make a round trip into Chicago and back to test out their equipment.  I think he may be counting down the hours 'til next Friday at this point...  There will definitely be Beans N Franks and French Fries here tomorrow, though.  Until then...

Pecan Pie Bars

 The artwork they created at the library
 Ice Cream and the concert

 Noah showing that his sprinkles melted and made cool colors in his ice cream

My Dancing Queen

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  1. I'm sure G-ma was smiling in heaven yesterday, as we too were thinking of her as Dad I and I ate some sweet, ripe necterines at dinner (no electricity needed!).