Saturday, July 27, 2013

A Creme de la Creme Day!

 Really quickly tonight.  My wonderful husband recognized my need for some productive solo time and has taken the kiddos to Castaway Play for the evening so I can get a good jump on all of the things on my To Do List.  Bless him!  With as much as he's been working the past couple of weeks, I haven't really had much time to myself so it is much appreciated.  I have gotten a ton done today already and am looking forward to a few more hours :)


Happy National Creme Brulee Day (nope, didn't get my blow torch.  Or an ice cream machine.  I'm thinking I may not be the Kitchen Goddess I thought I was without these things....)

Happy National Scotch Day.  I've been thinking of James Jarvis and Scott Fagan today - hope you guys are wonderful if you stumble across this.  I'll be raising my glass of Glen Livet in your honor later tonight as you both taught me how to appreciate Scotch :)

More love and thanks to the hubby!  Think we're going to do a family movie or a trip to Cranbrook tomorrow.  And it's milk chocolate day so Noah and I will probably be whipping up a batch of cookies from his book hopefully.  Until then...

Creme Brulee Pancakes!

 These were kind of a mess, but a huge hit with the whole crew!

 My twosome have been great today - they organized and pared down all of their 'art' projects from the whole year to only five each without any arguments.  Between that and their behavior when we were in Maryland, Grant and I felt they really earned Castaway Play tonight

 I was productive today - bagels

 French Bread

 And English Muffins


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