Monday, July 15, 2013

Tapioca Home Run

I just came inside from the most fun thirty minutes of my day - playing out in the rain with Noah, Mikayla and Grant!  I'm standing here dripping dry while the kiddos take a bath and get ready to cheer on Prince Fielder in the Home Run Derby tonight with a great goofy grin on my face.  I don't know when it is that you suddenly decide that you're too old to do things like play in the rain, but I'm glad I forgot about that for a little while tonight and splashed in the puddles with my favorite trio.

And that's not to say that rest of the day hasn't been pretty great, too.  The biggest downside is that it is ridiculously humid here right now.  (Yet another reason I was overjoyed to have the rain).  The heat index has topped out near 100 all day, and while I really don't mind the heat (you're talking to the girl that wears cuddle duds under her clothes when it is 75 outside) I could do without the sticky.  I adore our house, but it doesn't have air conditioning.  97% of the time - no problem.  Mid-July, kind of more of an issue.  But we've made due by mostly keeping it low key and spending a good chunk of the morning out running errands in places that did have A/C :)

This afternoon, in preparation for the Derby the kiddos made "Prince Crowns" to cheer on their favorite slugger.  (Did you know his Dad's name is Cecil?)  Noah cut them out himself and then they decorated them with stickers and Old English D's I had found in the paper.

Speaking of the Derby, you'll have to see what kind of snack I finally decided on.  I have to admit, I'm pretty proud of myself with this one.  It suddenly came to me after I fixed Noah his third (yes, third) waffle this morning.

And in other food news, Happy National Tapioca Pudding Day.  You may remember a couple weeks ago we did just Tapioca Day and I did make the traditional tapioca pudding along with a really yummy tapioca pineapple dish.  Today I actually made fruit juice tapioca pudding.  Couldn't have been easier and Grant described it as "Jello with texture"  I used Mango Guava juice and it was a thumbs up all around.  Noah has requested an orange juice version.  Who knew you could make tapioca pudding with fruit juice?!?!?!

Alright, off to watch the Derby with my threesome.  Go Prince!  Heading to Northville for a kids concert tomorrow morning and corn fritters tomorrow night.  Until then...

 Fruit Juice Tapioca Pudding

 Trying to get a picture of the tapioca pieces in it

 Noah cutting out their crowns

 Ready to cheer on Prince

 Baseball Waffles!

 Tiger Juice (Orange Kool-Aid with Blue Cream Soda ice cubes!)

 Ready for the Derby

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