Thursday, July 18, 2013

Making a Mockery of It

 It's hot.  Still.  I have nothing further to add on the matter except that I am praying desperately for the horrible thunderstorms they are calling for tomorrow just because I know there is a cold front on the other side of them.

The kiddos and I beat the heat this morning by heading to the movies.  The theater in Canton has a showing every weekday morning at 10am for $1.  I was talking to Scott tonight and he asked me what we saw.  "Space Chimps."  "Was it any good?"  "It cost me $3 and we soaked up the air conditioning for 90 minutes; it was the best movie I've ever seen."  To be fair, it was cute and the kids enjoyed it :)

I pushed the boundaries on what 'counts' today a little bit with our food celebration.  Happy National Caviar Day.  I could not justify the cost of a teeny tiny jar of caviar (kind of like the truffle oil all over again) when I was sure everyone would take a minuscule bite and the rest of the jar would sit in my fridge until judgement day.  At least the truffle oil I would have found other uses for.   So I made mock caviar.  It looked like we were eating caviar at least :)  And apparently this is kind of a common place thing as I found recipes for Mississippi Caviar and Texas Caviar and probably half a dozen other kinds that contained no fish eggs, just a bunch of stuff all tossed together to look like caviar.

On a side note, Noah was seriously bummed out that we were not having actual fish eggs.  I told him when he started paying for the groceries we could have caviar.

Putting up with the heat for one more day (hopefully) with some storytime in the morning and then it's Daiquiri Day!  Until then...

At the movies

 This is one of Bella's new favorite places - under Kayla's bed.  It's got to be one of the coolest places in the house

 Cinderella came to give me a concert this afternoon

 Caviar (kind of)

How the Gatchel crew eats their caviar

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