Friday, July 26, 2013

The Coffee Shakes

When I left home to go to Bradley, I was not a coffee drinker.  Couldn't really stand the stuff.  I dabbled in it my freshman and sophomore years more to get through the long night cram sessions that for a liking or appreciation of the beverage.

Then I met Grant.

Grant introduced coffee to me on a whole new level and it became a necessity.  One of my favorite memories of our early dating history is of him showing up at my apartment in the wee hours of the morning when I was busy writing a paper with literally a small keg of freshly brewed coffee.  The 'mug' held nearly a full pot and I have no doubt I polished it off before the paper.

I also learned how to appreciate drinking it black, though my hands down favorite coffee that I had with Grant came from a restaurant in Peoria near campus called Thanh Lihn that was Vietnamese cuisine.  We would go just for the coffee with is prepared in its own little pot at the table, which is dripped into a glass of cold thick cream, stirred together and then pour over ice.  I'm in bliss just thinking about it.  Makes me miss P-Town...

Both my kiddos have also already been introduced to coffee.  I don't believe that pesky rumor that it will stunt their growth (though my sister Michelle may beg to differ...) and it is just a treat around here, by no means are they as dependent on it as their parents ;-)  Mikayla especially loves a cup of joe when we have breakfast for dinner.

So you can imagine that we would all enjoy celebrating any coffee related day.  And of course, it's July so those pesky planners had to get in some more ice cream.  Happy National Coffee Milkshake Day!  We had some fun coffee coolers that combined our favorite caffienated beverage with ice cream, milk, hot chocoloate mix and banana to make for the perfect sweet treat to go with dinner tonight.

It has otherwise been a pretty laid back day.  The kiddos and I spent nearly all morning at the park since the weather was so nice again today.  I would be OK if it stayed like this the rest of the summer.  I know Noah and Kayla would like for it to warm up a bit so we could pull the pool out again, so I'll give them a couple of those days.

After dinner we headed to Novi to check out the Family Fun Fest going on there.  We had a lot of fun listening to "The Candy Band" which was an all female band that did 'kid rock'  Think of all those well loved little kid songs with a great rock feel to them.  Great for the kiddos (both of mine danced like crazy) and more pleasing for the adult group, too.  There was also a movie at dusk, but we decided against that tonight.  They're doing another event in two weeks with a Beatles tribute band and the movie "A Bug's Life" so we might be headed back....

Not sure what tomorrow looks like because the weather is kind of working against us.  But it is creme brulee day (Grant nixed my request for a blow torch, darn).  So until then...

 Noah pushing Mikayla at the park this morning

 Some days I really love that they're close in age :)

 When we got back they drew pictures of their favorite things to do at the park

 Noah likes to swing on the swings, walk on the tightrope and swing on the monkey bars

Coffee Shakes

My dancing fool

 They were signing "I've Been Working On the Railroad" and they had suggested the kids form a train.  All the kids were clueless, so I tried to get involved and help out


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