Monday, July 1, 2013

Creativity at its Best

Remember when you were little that feeling that started to creep up on you starting Christmas Eve morning that built and built throughout the day, reached a near fever pitch by the time you were tucked in bed and exploded into one joyful outpouring on Christmas morning?  That about describes my emotions right now.  I am practically giddy with excitement that we officially head out for Maryland tomorrow!  It has been over a year since I've actually gotten to see my bestie and I haven't even gotten to meet the most beautiful Lillian yet!  (OK, skype doesn't count on these)  And Arthur, of course I want to see you, too ;-)  Just like on Christmas Eve I'm not sure that I'm going to be able to sleep tonight.  Yay for our road trip!

If that's not enough to have me smiling from ear to ear it's National Creative Ice Cream Flavor Day!  I have been asking for quite some time now for my own ice cream machine, but apparently the kitchen appliance fairies haven't gotten my request.  In absence of that, I put out a plea on Facebook yesterday from suggestions from any locals on a place nearby with a wide selection of flavors.  Deb Kohler in Fremont came to my rescue!  She sent me the link for a shop in Ferndale called Treat Dreams which we decided to check out.  And let me say, all of us owe her big time!

I did take a picture of the flavor board (apparently they are constantly changing out flavors, with 2-4 new flavors ever week.  They did have a selection of others in pints to take home ranging from rootbeer barrel vodka to Pink Fairy (Red Pop Ice cream infused with absinthe and swedish fish!) to Maple Bacon BBQ to something that Grant and I really wanted to know what was in it called Tennessee Breakfast) and ask you can see they had quite the variety.  We had told the kiddos they could pick whatever they wanted as long as it was something they'd never had before.  Noah settled on Kooky Monster (Blue Vanilla Ice Cream with oreos and chocolate chip cookie dough) and Mikayla had Uncle Sam (Strawberry, Vanilla and Blueberry Cheesecake ice cream in Neapolitan form)  Grant went with Dark Chocolate Chocolate Chip and my winner of the tasting, Coffee Brownie.  We quickly decided that it was a good thing Treat Dreams was a 20 minute drive because it could get to be a very dangerous place for us.  Think we'll definitely be going back there again soon...

It is also National Gingersnap Day.  I made up a batch of cookies last night and we munched on part of them (Noah claims its his new favorite kind of cookie) and then I used part of them to make Gingersnap Coconut Chicken, which was a smash with everyone, except Mikayla who claimed it was the worst thing she's ever eaten yet it all disappeared at a fairly rapid rate without one complaint during the actual eating.  I told her that I hoped in the future I would be able to eat "the worst food I've ever eaten" with such poise and grace.

In other news, we have spent the day crafting a bit (Noah made his first perler bead creation) and of course packing.  Other than the toiletry odds and ends, shoes and other last minute items I'm thinking we're pretty well put together at this point.  I will pack up the car tomorrow late morning, Grant is coming home around 3 to take Bella to the "doggy hotel" as the kids are calling it and then we're off to the 'Mont for the night.  I currently have an apple pie baking in my oven (smells divine!) to celebrate Mom's birthday, have to finish baking the chocolate wafer cookies for Wednesday's celebration and then I think I just may be able to take a deep breath.  Not that I want to, too excited!

Anisette tomorrow, along with an evening in Fremont (the kids are going to see Barry, just don't tell them!) and then off to Maryland bright and early Wednesday!!!!  Until then...

Gingersnap cookies

 Playing with Perler Beads

 Noah's first creation - a turtle (Can I just say I was one proud Mama that he did this, stuck with it and finished the project!)

 Gingersnap Coconut Chicken

 Dinner call

 Mikayla and her Uncle Sam

 Noah got Kooky Monster

 The current Flavor Board at Treat Dreams (thanks again, Deb!!)

Packing is definitely underway


  1. I'm with Grant - dark chocolate chocolate chip - YUM!! Can't wait to see everyone tonight!

  2. It's Wednesday, it's Wednesday! !!!!

    And some more !!!!!! for good measure!