Sunday, June 30, 2013

Floatin' on By

 Happy National Ice Cream Soda Day and a productive day at the Gatchel house.  Nothing too exciting around here to report as we spent today doing all kinds of things to start to get ready for our trip to Maryland.

Kayla and I spent the morning doing some shopping.  The kiddo was in need of some summer pj's so we got her all hooked up.  You have never met such a thankful three year old in your life!  She can't wait to show off her pj's that have Barry (the minion from Despicable Me) to Aunt Shellie and Uncle Dudley on Tuesday night.  Rumor has it (though for crying out loud DON'T tell my kids!) that their favorite married Aunt and Uncle are taking them to the Drive-In to see Despicable Me 2 on Tuesday night.  We also found some great outfits for the Fourth of July for the whole crew.  Can't wait!

I finally got the end of my flowers planted (Kayla and I had gotten a flat of begonias for some planters over a week ago that I had yet to get actually planted) and I FINALLY finished weeding the driveway.  The fact that this is done before we leave makes me ridiculously giddy.  Also caught up all the laundry and started putting aside the kiddos clothes to pack tomorrow.  I'm feeling majorly on top of things at this point and think we'll be more than ready to hit the road on Tuesday afternoon!

We also of course celebrated with some ice cream floats tonight.  We walked over to the nearby grocery store to pick a flavor of soda for our floats.  Mikayla chose Candy Apple (you gotta love made in Michigan Faygo products!) and so Candy Apple Ice Cream Soda floats it was.  Who doesn't love soda and ice cream?

Speaking of ice cream, I've prepped July's calendar and I swear 70% of the celebrations are either ice cream or liquor related.   Think it's going to be an interesting month here at the Gatchel's.  Tomorrow we kick off the month with Creative Ice Cream Flavor Day as well as gingersnaps, so looking forward to that.  Until then...

Catching a ride on the Daddy train

 Which eventually ran out of steam

Candy Apple Float

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