Friday, June 7, 2013

Donut Worry, Be Happy!

Today actually happens to be one of the food celebrations we have done in the past - National Donut Day!  When Noah was little he and Grant used to have somewhat of a weekend ritual of going to Dunkin' Donuts for munchkins and it was a few years ago when they were there one morning that they heard about National Donut Day, a day when you can get a free donut!  My favorite boys were all over that one.  The following year we were on vacation with my family and actually made a point of finding a Dunkin' Donuts on the road just so we could all stop and celebrate.  I mean, who doesn't love donuts?  And free donuts, dang!

So of course I went a little donut crazy today.  Not only did I make a huge batch of donuts myself (I have a mini donut pan, it brings me hours of creative joy) for my kiddos to enjoy this morning and Grant to share with his co-workers so they could celebrate, too, but we of course headed off to Dunkin' Donuts this morning to partake in our freebie.  Noah and Kayla shared a strawberry frosted donut with sprinkles, though Noah confided that he liked mine better.  Bless his heart!  And that wasn't the end of the donut craziness around here.  According to Grant, I may be some kind of evil genius as I combined two favorites around here into what may be a new favorite; glazed donut french toast. Four glazed donuts made it to our dinner table, none survived and there was absolutely no fight to make it through dinner.  In fact, both of the kiddos finished before I did!  Oh how the Gatchel crew loves them some donuts.

Our plans for the day changed a bit due to the weather unfortunately.  We had hoped to make it downtown tonight for the first of the summer concert series, but I'm not sure the temperature topped 60 here today and it was blustery and overcast and none of us particularly wanted to sit outside in it tonight.  Sad we missed the concert, but we're all looking forward to going next Friday for the Beatles tribute band.  Instead we finally picked out a new light fixture for over the table at Home Depot and then came home for dessert to celebrate the other food of the day; Chocolate Ice Cream!  (Note, today's actual food is Chocolate Ice Cream, National Donut Day is actually the first Friday in June, which just happens to be today :) )  I made some yummy chocolate ice cream sandwiches which everyone ate while watching the Tigers take on the Indians (as I type this I can happily say that despite Valverde giving up two home runs in the ninth (I despise that guy) the Tigers came away with a "W" tonight!)

We're heading to Ann Arbor tomorrow for the Farmer's Market, the Peony Garden at the Arboretum and the gigantic M Den tent sale at the Briarwood Mall.  Can't wait!  And our jelly donuts are already made and ready for breakfast.  Until then...

My twosome were being independent this morning. They refused my help getting dressed, brushing their teeth and doing Mikayla's hair, instead choosing to help each other.  I decided to roll with it.   This is Noah working on Kayla's hair

Aunt Sarah, I think its safe to say Noah will never be a threat to your career ;-)

All done up by her brother

Dunkin' Donuts!

Kristi's latest creation; Glazed Donut French Toast!

Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwich

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