Thursday, June 6, 2013

Mama Duck Logic

We have a ridiculous number of ducks in the neighborhood.  And every time the kids see one they scream "male duck!" or "Mama duck!"  And this week they've decided that the ducks that gather en masse are actually having a meeting.  What goes on at a duck meeting and what they discuss I have yet to get out of them.  But today I overheard the following:

N:  Look Kayla, male duck! (there have to be at least 15 male ducks in the front yard we are passing)
K: No Mama ducks
N:  They can't come to the meeting
K:  Why?
N: Because they have to take care of the babies.  They don't get to go to the meetings
K: Oh
N:  'Cause that's their job; to take care of the babies

Yes small fry, it is the job of the mama ducks to take care of the baby ducks and this Mama duck doesn't mind missing out on the meetings to spend time with her babies.  Then...

N:  I think the ducks need MOPS (Mothers of Pre-Schoolers).  Then someone else could watch the babies so the Mamas could go to their meeting.
K:  I love MOPS.  Mom, when are we going back to MOPS?

Seriously, where do they come up with this stuff?  I giggled for a good chunk of the morning thinking about the Mama ducks organizing a MOPS group so they could go to meetings, too.  Maybe even the mama ducks need a break every once in awhile.

It's late as I write this since I've been up to my elbows creating for National Donut Day tomorrow. So we'll leave it at that it was a good day here.  Kiddos and I went to JoAnn's to pick out fabric to make curtains for Noah's room (dalmatian spots!), played some wiffle ball, caught part of the game, went to Dairy Queen after dinner to use Noah's free blizzard coupon, painted the Bean's fingers and toes and finally got Noah's baseball cards organized.  (Papa, he now recognizes the logos for about half the MLB teams, you should be proud!)

Going to celebrate National Donut Day tomorrow, pick up our pottery piece and then attend the first Farmington downtown concert tomorrow night, should be great :)  Until then...

Happy National Applesauce Cake Day - I turned ours into mini applesauce cakes for breakfast

 The fairy with light up wings and her companion taking her toys for a stroll

 All painted

 Pink fingers, blue toes, I love my Bean

Noah and I sorted all his cards by team before putting them in his book

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