Wednesday, June 26, 2013


A slight feeling of paranoia is beginning to set in with me over the last couple of days.  I think that maybe someone over at somehow senses I'm going to be checking the weather to figure out my game plan for the next day or so, puts up a fake weather report, makes sure I check it and then goes back and replaces it with the actual forecast.  That's the only explanation that I can come up with that when at around 4pm yesterday afternoon I checked, saw the forecast for about 70% chance of thunderstorms including hail for the majority of today and decided that today would then make a great day to stay inside here and take on some Kid Kitchen craziness.  Today is National Chocolate Pudding Day and I figured we could definitely make something fun there.

So imagine my slight frustration as here at just after 8:30 I type and not a single drop of rain has fallen on us all day.  It did get a tad overcast for about 20 minutes this morning but that's it.  And while I will always take the sunshine I'm almost convinced that tomorrow, because I've 'planned' on us walking down to pavilion storytime and lunching there, it will probably be pouring rain and lightning.  Mikayla, who overheard me grumbling about the phenomenon earlier told me "Don't be mad, Mom, God just decided to turn on the sun light today instead of the rain light."  OK Bean, suppose you're right.  Not in my control.

Regardless, we did have a pretty great day around here.  We kind of went a little kitchen crazy, making homemade chocolate pudding (none of that box stuff around here!) that we then turned into 'dirt', meatloaf for dinner and a gorgeous loaf of strawberry banana bread that made my whole kitchen smell like heaven.  Have I mentioned lately that I love to have Noah and Kayla helping in the kitchen because it comes with the added bonus of them making dinner every so often, lol.  They even provided dessert!  You'll have to check out the pictures to see our amazing creations.

Like I said, we're hoping to make it to outdoor storytime as I've invited the MOPS group to join us.  It'll be good to see some of the ladies and their kiddos.

Lots to get done yet tonight, so cutting this a tad short.  My paranoia intensifies tomorrow with our celebration of "Indian Pudding" but more on that later.  Until then...

They insisted on wearing their new crowns in Kid Kitchen

 Homemade chocolate pudding


 They made the whole dish all by themselves, even saucing the top

 Mikayla mashing the bananas

 While Noah takes on the strawberries

 Mixing Away

 Making "Dirt"

 Dirt Pudding Cones

 The aftermath of eating just the leftover pudding - while they loved the pudding cones they were such a mess I couldn't bring myself to take a picture, lol

A shot of our strawberry banana bread

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  1. The 'rain light'? I'm liking it - think I'll ue that one myself . . .