Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Musical Frozen Cheesy Awesomeness

The angels are back.  Or rather, after some reflection when I finished yesterday's post, my attitude improved immensely.  After I gave it a good deal of thought last night I realized that perhaps my favorite twosome weren't as tyrannical as I had made them out to be, but rather I was choosing to let them get to me.  They can behave how they will but all I really have control over is how I let it effect me.  When I chose to just roll with it and not let it get to me, things go so much more smoothly around here :)  And we have absolutely AWESOME days like today.

I'm going to let the pictures tell the story of today.  It was honestly one of the best days we've had in awhile and I don't want my running of the mouth to ruin it :)  Gingerbread and Kid Kitchen tomorrow.  Until then...

The princess ready for Musical Storytime

 And my big kid ready, too

 Happy National Frozen Yogurt Day!

 We took Charlie (the wagon) to the library for Musical Storytime, (with gas at $4.20 a gallon right now, I can hoof it a little further than usual...) which was GREAT!  Love that storytime is back!  On the way home we walked past the Silver Dairy Barn and I decided to celebrate National Frozen Yogurt Day then and there :)  We stopped for some vanilla fro you covered in sprinkles!

 It was too nice to go inside when we got home, time for some wiffle ball!!

 My leftie at bat

 Mikayla trying to wear our right handers glove on the wrong hang.  Think that despite Uncle Scott's protests we definitely are going to have a south paw on our hands

 Goofy photo session in the grass

 And then a mermaid fairy princess showed up!

 Along with a pirate wearing sunglasses

 They apparently knew each other

 Strawberry Banana frozen yogurt bites

 THE REAL Hot Mama's Italian Cheesebread!!!!!  My family knows about this from Rosie's restaurant in Toledo.  You can now buy it in the stores and it is *almost* as good.  Great way to celebrate National Cheese Day

 Cheese Lasagna Roll-Ups for dinner - 4 kinds of cheese in the pasta, and a 6 cheese sauce.  Think I've got the cheese thing covered today :-p

 And finally, it's National Cognac Day

My research discovered that you're actually to serve cognac in a tulip shaped wine glass, cupping it in your hands for about 10 minutes prior to drinking it to warm it to release the aromas.  It is an offshoot of the brandy family.  Just in case you wanted to rush right out and have some ;-)

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