Monday, June 10, 2013

Spicy Iced Cows

For some reason I feel perpetually behind today.  Behind what, I'm not exactly sure.  But I feel like whatever time I've allotted to accomplish a certain task has been insufficient at every instance today.  I mean, everything I wanted to finish has gotten done (with the exception of going back into work for awhile and frosting my cake for tomorrow.  But my coconut pecan frosting is coming to room temperature at the moment, so I'm trying to be patient)

Perhaps it is the weather.  This morning was rainy and yucky, which it always seems to be one days when I know we have to go out and run errands.  As I said last night, we were out of pretty much all the staples and a trip to the grocery store was inevitable.  I think both the kiddos and I would have been much happier to stay in our pj's and just hang out.  As it was, it was 10am before I convinced them to get dressed this morning.  They were enamored with watching all the wildlife in the front yard play this morning.  Seriously, they were more entranced than with cartoons.  They had a whole story going about how the chipmunks were playing tag, the birds were taking a bath and the baby bunnies were still sleeping.  Thank you God for my kiddos active imaginations!

We did make it to the grocery store (My fridge, freezer and pantry seem much happier) and had fun in spite of the rain.  Noah's latest 'thing' at the store is to carry my list for me and then check things off as we put them in the cart.  He has to tell me what the word starts with and then he finds it on the list.  Learning experiences even at the grocery store - bonus!

And in the midst of it all there were three celebrations today.  First, iced tea!  I've made iced tea plenty of times but I did actually look up directions to make sure I was doing it properly.  The results were a huge hit around here with dinner and being that this smart Mama opted for decaf tea, I'm happy to let them partake every once in awhile.

It's also "herbs and spices" day.  As I mentioned yesterday, by brain got hunt up on the 21 spices at KFC so I went in search of a chicken recipe to make for dinner.  The results were a yummy honey mustard herbed chicken over orzo.  The recipe used tarragon, basil and thyme spicewise and Noah and Grant especially loved it.  I also made a herbed monkey bread using paprika that every enjoyed.  My spice cupboard got a good work-out today so we'll consider it a success.

And finally, it's Black Cow day.  If you're like me and saying "What the heck is a black cow?" fear not, I of course have the answer.  It's basically a root beer float but with chocolate syrup, topped with whipped cream and a cherry.  Though there is some debate as I also read coke in place of the root beer.  As if there could be any doubt, I'm pretty sure this was everyone's favorite celebration of the day.

Musical storytime and German Chocolate Cake tomorrow.  Until then...

I kid you not - 45 minutes of watching out the window this morning

 Herbed Monkey Bread

 Honey Mustard Herbed Chicken

 Iced Tea

 Black Cow

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