Saturday, June 1, 2013

An 'Eventually' Day

 All week the meteorologists have been saying to brace ourselves for horrible weather on Saturday. Thunderstorms all day, hail, perhaps even a tornado.  I was not pleased.  I had really been hoping to spend the majority of the day outside working in the yard.  My driveway is in desperate need of weeding, the back deck is overrun with those little helicopter things that I wanted to sweep off and clean up the patio furniture, the one side of my house is being taken over by a monster climbing rose bush that I have to decide what to do with - in other words I wasn't going to run out of things to do.  According to everything I heard and read, though, that wasn't going to happen.

So I settled myself into Plan B - the major cleaning of the house that I've been putting off for some time now.  I think I missed spring cleaning this year.  Well, for that matter, I think I missed spring in general.  (Side note, dearest Mother Nature in my cleaning today I put away the winter coats, hats and mittens since it is the first of June.  Please don't cause me to regret this action)  And when I say major cleaning I mean all of those things I put off to be done 'eventually'  While I keep my house fairly well put together (it's usually my goal to keep it in a state that if someone just happened to drop by I wouldn't be totally mortified, hehe) there are always those things that I probably don't do as regularly as I should.  You know those things I mean?  Scrubbing that window that the dog stands at for hours and smears her nose against.  Actually using all those cool tools on the vacuum to get in all the crevices of the furniture.  Getting out the scrub brush and doing all the tile in the bathroom.  Using same said scrub brush to hand mop the floors.  Dusting the ceiling fans...

And all those other little project that crop up, too.  I love having pictures hanging all over my house, but every so often I notice one sagging funny in the frame.  While I should fix it right then, it usually goes in one side of my brain and out the other.  Or the fact that the "G" in my collage hanging over the fireplace decided to jump off the wall a couple of weeks ago and I had yet to pull out the hot glue gun and fix it.  Or the fact that while I love my kids artwork I lost sight of my fridge some time ago and it might be time to pare it down a bit.

So I'm calling today my 'eventually' day.  I tackled all the cleaning that I had hoped to (though I didn't manage to make it to cleaning out the inside of the fridge and freezer.  I suppose I'll get to that eventually ;-) ) and most of those little things that I tend to put off.  Grant and the kids were at the Home Depot build this morning, the straightened the playroom for me before naps and then went to the movies after dinner, so I had the majority of the day to actually accomplish all these little odds and ends.  And right now, at just after 10pm, I will say that I'm exhausted but thoroughly pleased.  My house is sparkly, all the pictures are in their frames correctly and all our stuff is packed up to head to the 'Mont for graduation tomorrow.  I even got lunches prepped and in the fridge since we'll be traveling then and will have to take it with us.  Ah, a job well done.

On the flipside, at 10pm it has yet to rain a single drop here all day.  Not one.  Cloudy and stormy looking at times, but no actual precipitation.  Grant even mowed the lawn!  But I'm choosing to be positive about the inside accomplishments instead of be annoyed about the lack of outside accomplishments.  Hoping for good weather this week to work on that...

In other news, Happy National Hazelnut Cake Day.  I made a chocolate hazelnut teacake which we had for breakfast here this morning.  Noah said he was eating brownies for breakfast!  I did make strawberry banana blueberry smoothies, too, so they did have some nutrition this morning.  I thought it was just 'meh' and given how hard of a time I had tracking down hazelnuts yesterday I don't think I'll be rushing out to make it again.  On to bigger and better things.

Rocky Road Ice Cream tomorrow and of course, the big graduation!  Pray that the rain continues to stay away from Fremont tomorrow so we can all actually attend.  Until then...

Chocolate Hazelnut Teacake

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