Monday, June 24, 2013

Praline Perfection

I don't really have much exciting to report from here today because I think it's safe to say that we've spent the majority of the day 'recovering' from our weekend in Ohio.  While I adore the chaos that is a party weekend with my entire family, it is exhausting!  So we've spent the day trying to beat the heat (no A/C for the Gatchel crew with temps in the 90's all week might make for a few interesting days around here...) with a trip early to the park, some grocery shopping, fun with playdoh and a quick spin around the neighborhood post-dinner to let Noah get some time in on his bike.

And of course, we 'celebrated'; Happy National Praline Day!  The sticky sugary treat holds no appeal to me at all, but I turned it into a main dish tonight as Praline Chicken and you'd have thought my family hadn't ever tasted food before.  Usually I get a "this is pretty good" and "yes, you could make this again" from Grant, which is of course acceptable.  Very rarely to I get a "it's edible but I won't be upset if I never see it again" and tonight an even rarer "I really really like this, you can make it whenever you want"  And from the whole crew.  Must be something about maple syrup, butter and brown sugar with my crew....

A quick trip to the store for me tonight also turned up a happy piece of luck - Goldfish Mac & Cheese!  I love all things Pepperidge Farms (we have an outlet store nearby and they know us by name) and I had seen on facebook last week that Wal-Mart was going to be exclusively carrying a line of Goldfish Mac & Cheese.  Since I was there for something else, I looked and lo and behold found a box!  I work up the kiddos when I got home (Ok, they weren't sleeping, who am I kidding) to show them and it is a definite go for lunch tomorrow.

Musical storytime, perhaps an outing to see Monsters University, strawberry parfaits and (wait for it) catfish tomorrow!  Should be interesting.  Until then...

Praline Chicken

 I served it over mashed potatoes and the whole crew devoured it

Tomorrow's lunch - can't wait!

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