Sunday, June 16, 2013

Fudgy Father's Day

If you haven't already, make sure to check out my post from earlier about my amazing Daddy!  I'm hoping he had a great Father's Day and we're all looking forward to celebrating with him next weekend when we're in the 'Mont for Scott's graduation party extravaganza.  Love you, LJ!

And from my Dad to the Dad of my favorite twosome :)  Someday (I hope) Noah and Mikayla will figure out how blessed they are to call Grant Dad.  He is their ultimate champion.  I am so proud of how far from the anxious "I've hardly ever held a baby before" guy he was right after Noah was born to the strong, loving, tough, playful, good-hearted and nurturing Dad he's become.  I had so much fun today a few times standing back and observing him with both of them. 

Funny Note:  I just heard from down the hallway...

Noah:  Mikayla, do whatever Daddy says, it's Father's Day.
Grant:  Do whatever Daddy says because it's a day!

Ha!  He's so learning to be 'tough'  I love it

We ended up having a pretty chill laid back fun day.  We rode our bikes down to Dunkin' Donuts for donuts and coffee this morning (what a great treat!  It was a long ride and Grant said he'd earned at least two donuts because he'd already burned off the first one by the time we got there) and then headed back to the house so Grant could open his Father's Day gifts.  The kids were so excited to give him the mug they made (we made coffee for it right away) and baseball glove.  After that it was some Mario Kart Wii while I painted Kayla's fingers and toes, lunch, a trip to the library,  family nap time (my personal favorite part of the day, I think), hanging the new light in the dining room, dinner, and all wrapped up with a trip to Drake's Sports park so Noah could practice sans training wheels on his bike again.  Phew, guess we did more than I thought!  It was a fabulous day any way you slice it.

It's also National Fudge day and I whipped up a batch of Oreo fudge (oreos are a favorite of my hubster) to celebrate.  Noah especially absolutely adored it.  It think he's eaten at least 1/4 of the pan on his own already.

Trucks for lunch at the library, eating our veggies and apple strudel tomorrow, sounds like another busy one!  Until then...

 Ready to head to Dunkin' Donuts

 They totally were spoiled by the workers at DD - they got a free hot chocolate coolatta!

 Noah had a lemonade donut this morning and loved it

 Opening his mug

 Shirt they picked out for him

 Forget catching pop flies, he caught a Mikayla!

 Playing some Wii together

 Oreo Fudge

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