Monday, June 3, 2013

Egg-streem Opposites

Can some wise person out there please explain to me why any given child will spend one day being a perfect angel and then a holy terror the next?  *sigh*  I really can't complain too much - my favorite twosome were good, excellent even, up until about 5pm.  We had a great morning at the park where we just happened to run into some friends, we thoroughly enjoyed a trip to the grocery store where they got to add a few extras to the cart and we played mini golf with the leftover wrapping paper tubes after nap time.  Then somebody flipped a switch and all hell broke loose.

I really can't even blame them completely if I'm being honest.  Like usual I was attempting to do seven things at once and the terrorizing of the ant that Noah found crawling across the floor after I told him three times to leave it alone and Mikayla's epic meltdown about having to put a book away before dinner were just one more thing than I could handle.  Then Noah coming in and saying "I'm hungry, you need to feed me right now" as I'm setting the table, whisking eggs and pulling out the french toast casserole was the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back.  Dinner continued downhill from there (Mikayla is going to be one very hungry little girl come breakfast time...) and then Noah and I had a throw down about his bike when I told him in no uncertain times that he could NOT ride down the middle of the street, helmet or not helmet.  I was getting pretty close to snapping at this point.

Then, when it was looking super bleak, Mikayla made me giggle.  After Noah, the bike and I made it home from our ride, Grant headed outside to see if he could get the lint trap on the outside of the house cleaned out while I decided to tackle the back porch by scrubbing down the patio furniture and sweeping off the deck.  The kids asked if they could help and I gladly rounded up a couple of extra brooms to keep them occupied.  Elbow deep in sludge and mud from the patio table I hear in three year old sing song:

"I've got a mission!  My mission is to sweep off the porch.  I am so on this mission"

I couldn't help it, I burst into giggles.  I recognized the structure of what she was saying was straight of out of Little Einsteins, but she'd made it her own.  Her mission kept her mostly occupied for the next half an hour (Noah eventually wandered off to help Grant) and things have calmed down considerably around here.  I'm getting ready to tuck them into bed and then I'm going to wash my hands of today completely and try again tomorrow.  Onward and upward.

In the midst of it all, today is National Egg Day.  (I hear it's also National Repeat Day.  I hear it's also National Repeat Day.)  My dish for the day didn't exactly turn out as I had hoped due to the antics described above.  It was supposed to be an omelette pinwheel, but the "I want to be fed right now" didn't allow it sufficient time for it to cool so I could roll it up.  Oh well, still tasted the same.  We go through at least a dozen eggs around here every week so I say the egg gets more than its fair share of celebrating around here.

Looking forward to tomorrow as Musical Storytime makes its return.  Plus it's a very full day of cheese, frozen yogurt and cognac.  Until then...

What was supposed to be my omelette pinwheel :-p

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