Thursday, June 20, 2013

Vanilla Shakin'

 Today was the first pavilion (outdoor) storytime of the summer and we celebrated it in style!  You'll have to see how cute my little princess looked heading out the door this morning.  (And I didn't do all her jewelry justice in the pictures, so you'll just have to take my word)

Not only was storytime WONDERFUL but then we got to stay and play with the toys and then had a picnic lunch.  I decided today that I don't ever want to stop taking Noah to storytime.  No matter which version of storytime it is, his 'thing' is to climb into my lap and snuggle while I rub his head and he listens to the stories.  He is just getting to that stage where he thinks he's too big to cuddle with Mom except apparently at storytime.  It may be my only chance to keep him little forever...

On the way home, I decided they'd earned a treat so we stopped at Burger King for ice cream cones.  (Did you know they're only 50 cents right now, score!)  Again, only the picture I took of this really does it justice...

And of course, our celebration - Happy National Vanilla Milkshake Day.  Not only did I whip up some yummy vanilla milkshakes, but I figured we'd round out the 'traditional' milkshake meal with burgers and fries, too!  Noah yet again raved (I think he may be buttering me up for something but I'm not sure what) that it was the best burger he'd ever had.  Okay kid, stroke my ego, I'll take it ;-)

End of the week tomorrow, going to try to squeeze in a brief Kid Kitchen and hopefully some sprinkler time since it's supposed to be so warm tomorrow.  And Peaches and Cream!  Until then...

My gorgeous 3 year old ready for storytime


 Lunch break

 Ice Cream from Burger King (Side Note:  Bonus points for this mom today.  They INSISTED that they had to have cones, but being one step ahead I asked for cups and spoons to take with us.  We seriously made it out the door and into the wagon when they decided that maybe the cones weren't the best idea...)

 Vanilla Milkshake

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