Friday, June 21, 2013

Peachy Keen

Noah absolutely made my heart melt today.  I had one of those "I am so proud to be your Mom" moments that I was able to capture on film.

We decided to have kind of a chill day.  I'd talked to my twosome about it yesterday and we've had something on the calendar every day this week and I figured I'd let them pick how they wanted to spend Friday instead of trying to jam something else in.  They were very clear - they wanted to make something in Kid Kitchen, they wanted to play outside for awhile and they wanted to have  a movie lunch. That I could do.

So we started off by whipping up some Peaches & Cream smoothies in Kid Kitchen.  (Happy National Peaches and Cream Day, by the way!)  They loved this - mostly because the 'secret' ingredient was peaches and cream instant oatmeal.  Noah, in his continued exaggerated praise stage told me it was the best thing he'd ever tasted and could he have it every day please?  I told him I didn't know about every day but we could probably get some different flavors of oatmeal and try some different combinations (this one had banana in it, too) and you would have thought I'd offered the kid the world on a silver platter.  I think he must be reading my blog and figuring out how much it means to me when he says he likes something.

So we took the smoothies and headed outside for some playtime.  As I was working to spray down the last patch of weeds on the driveway with vinegar (Thanks for the tip, Mom, it really works!) I hear the littlest voice in my house pipe up with:  "Noah, can I ride your bike?"  I braced for absolute meltdown from the big brother who isn't really the best at sharing at times and was shocked to hear "Sure!  I'll help you!"  So I helped Mikayla into Noah's helmet and she climbed on.   This is about where I melted when I watched my little boy 'teach' his baby sister how to ride a bike with training wheels.  He was so patient and kind with her.  All I heard was encouraging things like "Mikayla, you're doing so good!  You've got it!  Don't be scared, there's training wheels."  And for the next 15 minutes he patiently took her up and down the driveway that way.  I was a Mom puddle.  When Kayla finally climbed down I hugged Noah for a solid two minutes and told him how proud of him I was.

Then it was inside for a movie lunch as requested.  Today Monster's University opens in theaters and while we weren't going to make it today (all four of us really really want to go and will soon) they watched Monsters, Inc and I even found Monster's University mac and cheese for them to have.  After our successful morning they definitely earned this treat.

Since then I've been prepping our stuff for tomorrow's trip to the 'Mont for Scott's graduation party and then celebrating Father's Day and family pictures on Sunday.  Looking forward to some time with the fam - including Sarah!!!!  I also made ahead the next couple of days celebratory foods and thought I'd share the pictures of them tonight since I'm not sure if I'll get to them tomorrow or Sunday.  Chocolate Eclairs and Onion Rings tomorrow (I didn't take a picture of them but since I don't know when we'll be where tomorrow I got a bag of Funyons (you know, fake fried onion rings) to celebrate that one) and then Pecan Sandies on Sunday.

Alright, think I'm off to watch the end of the game (it's not looking good at the moment...) and make sure I have everything else packed up.  Not sure if I'll post tomorrow, but until I do...

Ready for a quick Kid Kitchen

 Mikayla adds the milk for the smoothies

 Breaking up the banana

 Looks yummy, right?

 Kayla liked it

 Noah loved it

 My favorite duo 

 Bless his AWESOME BIG BROTHER heart!!

 Movie Lunch

Peaches and Cream

 This is my own creation - peaches and cream crumble cookie.  A brown sugar cookie base, topped with a cream cheese, pureed and diced peach frosting and then all topped with an oatmeal crust - made Grant moan a little bit :)

 Mini Chocolate Eclairs (The kids helped me make these after dinner, at least the dough for them)

 They're stuffed with chocolate filling as well

 Pecan Sandies

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