Friday, June 14, 2013

Fab Four

In 2010 Money Magazine ranked Farmington Hills one of the best 25 places to live in the United States.  I concur.

Being that I actually live here I may be a tad prejudice, but oh well.  But tonight we took advantage of another great offering of the City, the summer downtown concert series.  As I mentioned last Friday, we missed the kick-off but were really looking forward to tonight's concert; the BackBeats - known as the best Beatles tribute band in Michigan.  We caught their concert last summer and the kids loved it.  I think it's safe to say that Mikayla has inherited her Mama's love of sixties music.  I'm not sure who had the most fun tonight (probably Kayla though I was having quite the time dancing with her)  Right now we just got baths, are enjoying some peep smores and watching the Tigers game.  I'd say it's been a really great evening.

It's also National Strawberry Shortcake Day, so of course we celebrated that after dinner.  I can honestly say I've never made strawberry shortcake before (at least not completely from scratch) and was please with how it turned out.  I even had a few extra shortcakes that the kiddos devoured with jam for lunch today.  And while they ate shortcake, I pulled up a couple of episodes of the cartoon Strawberry Shortcake for them to watch.  Did you know they had brought it back?  It seemed an appropriate way to celebrate today and they enjoyed themselves.

We also soaked up some sunshine at the park and made a trip to Busch's to pick up tomorrow's food - lobster!  I had gotten an email earlier in the week say that our local story only was having a seafood sale on Friday only - what are the odds?  So lobster tail tomorrow, should be interesting.  We're planning on spending a good chunk of the day outside continuing work on the yard.  Until then...
Strawberry Shortcake

 Bring on the Beatles!

 She was off and dancing as soon as they started playing

 And she of course roped me in

 And we danced

 And danced

 And danced

They did manage to get Grant up there for a bit, too

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