Monday, June 17, 2013

Veggie Tales

There's plenty to share about today, but I've got to share two funnies - one from each kiddo first.

Noah has taken to reviewing his likes and dislikes about his meals and then scoring the different foods.  Tonight I made cherry lemonade mousse using the recipe off the jello box.  It's kind of cool - you mix jello and water with whipped cream and then it separates as it chills into two layers.  I'd been meaning to make it for awhile, but just happened to have 1/2 of a container of cool whip left in the fridge calling my name.  So I had told him what it was when we sat down and the following then occurred.

Noah:  I like this stuff, but I'm not as much of a fan of the cow on top as of the jello part
Me:  What?
Noah:  I don't like the cow part as much
Me:  Cow part?  I have no idea what you're talking about
Noah:  The cow part, Mom!
Grant: (Who is apparently so much more with it than I am) Um, do you mean mousse?
Noah:  Mousse, cow, same thing!

Then Kayla and I had walked over to the garden shop down the street to get a flat of flowers for me to finish off a couple of my planters for out back.  We had taken the wagon so we could pull the flowers back.  So in goes Kayla to the wagon and in goes the flowers....

Me:  You ready?  Everything OK?
Kayla:  It's all gravy, Mom, let's get this show on the road.

Seriously, where do they come up with these things?!?!

Plenty of other 'stuff' to share.  The big news, I'll let the pictures show off.  We had lunch with trucks today!  The library sponsored an event today where the City brought it some of their trucks and then the kids got to climb on them, learn about them, etc.  It was so cool!  Like I said, check out the pictures.

It's National Apple Strudel Day, so I made apple strudel muffins.  This would be one of the first recipes I would claim to have 'created' myself.  I started with a base muffin recipe and then tweaked it to represent the components of an apple strudel.  They got rave reviews around here, even my picky breakfast eater Kayla scarfed them.

It's also National Eat Your Veggies Day.  Fortunately, (other than Noah and peas which I don't even want to discuss) my twosome are really good about eating vegetables. I don't really even have to hide or disguise them.  But I wanted to try out a few preparation techniques tonight, so we had zucchini pancakes and Mexican corn.  Noah could not stop talking about how much he liked the pancakes.  He asked if he could have them for breakfast and lunch tomorrow.  With zucchini, feta cheese and whole wheat flour as the main components, I could be feeding him a lot worse stuff...  And Grant really liked the Mexican corn which was just corn on the cob slathered in a sauce made of mayo, olive oil, lime (zest and juice), chili pepper and a touch of salt.  Yay for fresh veggies!

Also squeezed in a trip to the park this morning, a a laundry lesson where they helped me fold and put away all of their own laundry (OK, I did most of the folding, but they matched all the socks, lol), trucks and lunch, flower shopping for Kayla and I while Noah and Grant worked on his bike riding, some weed pulling and now wrapping up the day with some food prep for tomorrow and watching the Tigers game.  Looks like it'll be a win, #10 for Scherzer!  Wooot wooot!

Musical storytime tomorrow, along with a cherry tart, and possibly a picnic and sushi.  (Those are international celebrations so I haven't decided yet it we're doing them or not.)  Until then...

Kristi's Apple Strudel Muffins

 Digging for books in the basket of a backhoe

 Noah got a book on penguins and Mikayla got a ghost story book

 Fruit snacks in a crane - how cool!

 We see this street sweeper all the time

 The vacuum truck - Noah's favorite

 Sitting in the bulldozer

 It's official, they are both smaller than the tire

 But not this one!
 They got to ride in the dozer

 Fire truck

 Lunch with the trucks.  We read their books while we had lunch, it was fabulous

 Then he got to go in the vacuum truck and he was a happy boy

Kayla driving the vacuum truck

 Zucchini panckes

 Mexican Corn

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