Sunday, June 23, 2013

Party in the 'Mont

We headed down to Fremont yesterday for Scott's graduation party, a week late Father's Day celebration for my Dad and family pictures.  Phew, what a crazy two days!  We were thrilled to get to see everyone (especially Sarah since it tends to be a bit longer between visits with her) and to be there for the festivities.  The party was great; super proud of Scott, impressed as always with my Mom's ease as a gracious hostess, wowed by all the work that had been done on the house (especially outside by Dad and the kitchen) since the last time we were home, amazed by Shell's (and Cassandra's!) decorating skills and catering knowledge, blown away by Sarah's talent with a crochet hook, a curling iron and some bobby pins, glad to see Matt assimilating (bonus points for straightening the garage while we were all at pictures, dude) and smiling at Dudley's humor and uncling skills.  Oh, and super proud of Thing 1 and Thing 2 for their behavior, kindness toward all the guests, play skills with a new 'cousin' and overall attitudes during two very busy days.  And as always a thank you to my other half for filling in wherever he was needed during all the somewhat contained chaos that is a party at the Kosakowski's.   My love to you all :)

Kayla showing off her new hat Aunt Sarah made (I was having a hard time convincing her to sit still she was so excited, so sorry about the blur)

 Noah, too!  With Jorge - the monkey from Costa Rica!

 I think Michelle and Cassandra should go into a party hosting business together.  And hire my Mom to make the cupcakes ;-)

 Scott's Brag Wall

 Father's Day Brunch

 Kudos to the whole group for making it up after last night ;-)

 LJ opening his Michigan shirt from us

 Well Daddy, I don't think they'll lose you on the golf course, now

 Uncle Scott, Miss Cassandra and Noah say no more paparazzi!

 Dad opening his Cecil Fielder gift

Proof that we wore them out - Mikayla didn't even finish her "thanks for being good" slurpee on the way home before passing out!

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