Saturday, June 15, 2013

Lobster Mania

I told Noah and Kayla tonight that I don't know too many three and five year olds that get to eat lobster.  But feast tonight we did!

And I've got to share part of our conversation from tonight's dinner.

Me:  I bet Papa wishes he was here tonight.
Kayla:  Why?
Me:  Because Papa really like lobster.
Kayla:  Mama, can I call Gramma?
Me:  Why?
Kayla: I want to ask her if she can make lobster for Papa.

Dad, the girl has your back apparently.  I swear she doesn't miss a beat.  Between that and her insisting that I break out some "Yellow Submarine" while she was helping me make dinner, she provided me with quite a bit of entertainment today.

And a full day it's been.  I have to admit I'm kind of beat!  I was outside working on the yard for a good seven hours today and we made major progress!  Grant got everything mowed (no small feat!) and all of the gutters cleaned out (eeeewwwww) while I FINALLY tackled the monster rose bush, the rest of that side of the house, weeding of the entire front flower bed and I got started on the driveway.  If you've been to my house and viewed the monster rose bush you'll understand why I was practically giddy with relief to finally get this done.  I mean, who likes to trim back (majorly!) a rose bush?  Even in gloves and a sweatshirt I am more scratched up then you'd believe.  To put it into perspective I filled an entire yard waste bag just with cuttings from the bush.  But we found the sidewalk, much to Noah's delight as he can now ride his bike all the way from the front of the house to the back deck without any interference.  I really wish I'd thought to take before and after pictures on this because it was seriously quite the transformation.  Noah and Kayla helped both Grant and I, rode bikes, decorated the driveway with sidewalk chalk, zipped around on the scooter, played with bubbles, played basketball and soccer - you know, outside kid stuff :)  So glad that they're good about playing outside and even helping us out.

After our lobster feast we rode the bikes over to A&W for some root beer floats, came back to watch part of the Tigers game (boo to tonight's loss) and I put together Grant's request for dinner tomorrow night; baked ziti and tomorrow's food; fudge.  It's now 10:30 and I'm ready to call it a day!  Other than celebrating Father's Day tomorrow not sure what else we'll be up to as it doesn't look like the weather is going to cooperate with our original plan to go and pick strawberries.  I have no doubt it'll be something fun, though!  Until then...

Lobster cakes!

 I very successfully (it tasted amazing!) broiled my very first lobster tail!

 Waiting for floats

She was supposed to be sharing with Grant but I'm not sure how much he ended up getting

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