Sunday, June 2, 2013

Hail the Conquering Hero!

One night about 19 years ago, my Mom and Dad took Sarah, Shell and me to Taco Bell for dinner.  Upon finishing we were offered dessert; a jar of baby food.  And so we learned that there was to be one more Kosakowski added to the brood and we could expect another sibling in December just in time for Christmas.

Not too long after this conversation my Mom asked if I'd actually like to be there when the baby was born.  Joke as you will about a surefire method of birth control to expose my twelve year old self to, but I jumped at the chance.  What an incredible bond to be able to share for the rest of my life with the youngest Kosakowski.

Jump to December 17, 1994.  Though it completely ruined Sarah's day (she was all set to go decorate a gingerbread house, but apparently Scott didn't get the memo and I promise you she will NEVER let him live it down) off to the hospital we went on an overcast Saturday to await the arrival of my new sibling.  At that point we didn't know if it was to be a "Laura Jo" or a "Scott Malachi", but shortly after 4pm Scott Malachi Kosakowski made his first appearance.  Not only was I there but I actually got to cut the umbilical cord.  I will never ever forget that day, the joy that Scott's arrival brought (my dad FINALLY had his boy :) ) or the sense of completion it had for our family as a unit.

Not too many siblings can say that they've been there since the very first moment of the other's life but I have that honor when it comes to Scott.  And while the twelve year gap in our ages caused me to miss quite a bit of him growing up during his school years (when he started first grade I went off to college.  Other than coming home for the next two summers, I was never in Fremont for any extended period of time after that) I am still one fiercely devoted and proud older sister.

I think that may have been why today was kind of bittersweet for me.  I have very clear and distinct memories of each of Scott's eighteen years and it's hard to think of him as 'all grown up' and graduated from high school now.  I can't even begin to fathom how my parents feel about it!  So while I am thrilled for him, so proud and can't wait to see what he's going to do next it made me a little sad as well to know that this brings about another big change.  It'll be weird in the fall to go to Fremont and for Scott to not be there.  And yes, he'll be at Bowling Green and will of course be around for all the goings on of the Kosakowski clan.  So enough of my melancholy, let's revel in his accomplishments and his future!

So here's to Scott - we are all so proud of you today. (well, and pretty much every day, but today's extra special)  I love you, am honored to be your older sister and wish for you joy, happiness and success in everything you undertake!

Happy National Rocky Road Ice Cream Day - didn't know when else we'd be able to work it in during our very busy day so we had ice cream for breakfast this morning :)

 Ready for Commencement to commence

 Kayla (in her new shades) with Grandma

 The graduates walked over from the high school to the stadium

 2nd from the left is Cassandra, Scott's girlfriend (we like her lots!)

 Scott coming in

 Stoic is the word I used to describe my Bro during the ceremony

 Cassandra getting her diploma

 Scott getting his diploma

 The 2013 Graduating Class of Ross High School 

 Tossing their caps

 The graduate with his very proud niece and nephew


 Me, Scott, Shell (with Sarah in spirit hovering in the background!)

 You wouldn't believe how far he had to crouch down for us to get this picture - and Shell and I were both wearing heels!

 Kayla wanted to get in on the kissing too

 Scott and Cassandra

 The grad with his diploma

Opening presents

 He got a laptop from Shell and Dudley

 A printer from us (silly Kayla is standing in the way)

 And from my Mama (and Grandma Bevens!) the quilt!

 My Mom is AMAZING

My twosome were amazingly good today so it was Slurpees as a treat on the way home

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  1. Perfect day! Wonderful walk down memory lane - thanks for writing it down! Great pictures. And kudos to Noah and Mikayla for being so good through it all.