Friday, May 31, 2013


Is it summer yet, Mom?

Noah has been asking me this for weeks now.  Months even.  A few weeks ago, a tad exasperated, I told him no and asked him why he was so concerned about when it was summer.

Because then the Spray Park will be open again!

Duh on my part, I suppose.  After Labor Day, when the park closed for the season, I told him that Memorial Day was the official start of summer according to the park system and that's when they would open the spray park back up.  The kiddo remembered and has been waiting anxiously for summer to finally get here.  (Me too, but for different reasons - warmth mainly!)

I have to admit that the spray park is pretty cool.  Heritage Park, which is where we also go sledding and where we had our pizza dinner a few weeks ago has a great set-up.  It's a big open area with tons of water fun.  We were supposed to go with MOPS to the zoo today, but that fell through so I wanted to do something with the kids that I knew they'd enjoy instead.  Obviously, from my opening comments, they've been waiting for this one for awhile.  Now that it is open again I have a feeling we're going to be spending quite a bit of time at the spray park.  We managed to dodge the afternoon thunderstorms and get a good hour and a half of water fun in today before I insisted my pruny kiddos come home for lunch.

In other news, Happy National Macaroon Day.  Or Mak-ur-ew-knees as Mikayla was calling them.  I opted to make coconut macaroons which are different than the more traditional French ones that might come to mind.  (Think those very boldly colored sandwich cookies - those are French Macaroons)  The results were adored by everyone here.  Noah kept saying "they smell like my polar bear cake" which just made me giggle.  The things we connect sometimes.  These were really easy, I'd definitely do them again considering everyone here enjoyed them.

House cleaning, Home Depot build, perhaps a movie and Hazelnut cake tomorrow.  Then to the 'Mont on Sunday for Scott's graduation.  That's right, I'm feeling super old just thinking about the fact that my baby brother (and yes, Scott, you'll always be the baby - I was there when you were born) is graduating high school.  Can't wait!  Until then...

Think they were ready to go??

 And they're off

 Kayla taking a break - she sat with me and got a back and foot rub :)

 Warming up for a few minutes

Coconut Macaroons

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