Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Raisin the Roof

 I love Tuesdays and I am a bit sad that this will mark the last of our 'usual' Tuesday routine.  Starting next week there's no story time in May and after that Noah will be out of school for the summer and then in September he'll be in school full time and won't get to be part of our 'usual' Tuesday.  Plus Kayla will be in school on Tuesday mornings so I'm thinking I may have to pick another favorite day of the week.  But if this marks 'the end' at least we had a great one :)

Happy National Raisin Day!  We managed to include raisins in every meal today much to the delight of my kiddos.  What kid doesn't like raisins?  OK, Shell, I know you don't like raisins.  I thought of you and you sifting through an entire box of granola just to get rid of the raisins a couple of times today.  But the Gatchel kiddos, they love raisins.  So after we started the morning off with some yummy 'polka dot twists' for breakfast, we tackled all kinds of raisins in Kid Kitchen.

You'll have to check out the pictures, but we made Raisin Oatmeal pizza, some Graham Slams and of course, you can't celebrate raisins without making 'ants on a log'  They did fabulous today and we were assisted by Nemo and Blue Lightning which of course made things even more interesting. We've already discussed that once summer is upon us we will be able to perhaps do more Kid Kitchen activities and they are both requesting some science experiments and craft projects as well. Guess this Mama needs to get her act in gear because there is no denying that a change is a-comin'.

We also had quite the conversation about nap time today.  My hard and fast rule has always been that you take a nap 'til you're in kindergarten.  I don't care if you actually sleep, but for at least a solid hour it is quiet relaxing in your room time to decompress a bit.  As Noah reminded me, though, once he goes to school he won't be taking a nap.  I agreed and said that we would be working on transitioning him to more 'quiet' time and less 'nap' time in the afternoon.  He continued to insist that he did not need a nap, he does not get tired and he shouldn't have to.  I told him to humor me for a while anyway.  Check out his picture below to see who won this argument...

We enjoyed the sunshine for a bit after dinner as Grant and I followed on foot (with Kayla riding on my shoulders) behind a biking Noah.  About .2 of a mile from home I asked Kayla if she'd mind walking the rest of the way.  When she protested I suggest we skip.  Which then turned into marching.  Which became galloping.  I was exhausted by the time we made it to the driveway, think I should have just continued to keep her on my shoulders :)

Grant's off getting a haircut (finally!) while I'm watching the Tigers beat up on the Twins again and getting some work done.  Going to meet up with my favorite married sister and her other half for dinner tomorrow night, can't wait!  Chocolate parfaits, too.  Until then...

Polka Dot twists

The kiddos picked my first 'bouquet' of the season this morning

 Love, pure and simple

 I adore them

 My extremely efficient little chef

 Our 'pizza' ready for the oven

 Noah mixing up the topping for the Graham Slams

 Putting the raisins and fruit on the Graham Slams

 Ants on a log!

 Putting the 'sauce' (rainbow chip frosting) on the pizza

 Adding the 'cheese' (coconut)

 All topped and ready to eat!

 Graham Slams

 This is my almost five year old who INSISTS he doesn't need a nap when I went in to get him up

Raisin chicken (This was a huge hit here at dinner time tonight!)

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