Tuesday, April 23, 2013

No Cheesy Cherries

 You can't say cheese if the camera doesn't work.  I'm three pictures into our usual Kid Kitchen madness when the camera dies.  To say I strongly and intensely dislike this new camera would be an understatement.

Lack of a camera would not keep us from celebrating National Cherry Cheesecake Day, though.  I was hard pressed to rationalize making an entire cheesecake for the four of us.  Would it get eaten?  Yes.  Was it really necessary when there are other options?  No.  Was it really the kind of project I wanted to tackle in Kid Kitchen?  Definitely not!

So we decided to make cherry cheesecake popsicles instead :)  Noah got to work his knife skills, Kayla got to play with the food processor and I wasn't pulling my hair out trying to create a rich smooth cheesecake with plenty of 'help'  A win all around!

But that wasn't quite enough.  April just happens to be National Pretzel month, and Friday is actually National Pretzel Day.  Since the kiddos are going to be off in Fremont for the weekend (Grant and I are going to the Tigers game for my birthday on Saturday!) I wanted to make sure we got in a good pretzel treat between now and then.  So in addition to the posicles we whipped up some buttery soft pretzel bites this morning, too.

These were great for the kiddos - we got to use the sifter again (working on those hand muscles!) and we had quite the discussion about yeast and what it does.  (As a bonus I had a box of matzoh in the cupboard to show them what happens when there's no yeast)  We also got to see the effects of baking soda on the pretzels and play with melted butter and the pastry brush.  Wish the dang camera had co-operated enough to show you all this.  I did pull the battery out and stick it on the charger hoping that was at least part of the problem and did manage to get a picture or two of the pretzels once they came out of the oven.  Grr, stupid camera.

Noah, Kayla and I of course went to the library this afternoon and had some ABC fun.  They each got to make necklaces with their names in beads and read a great book about ABC super heroes.  (I was all good until V was the Vomiting Volcano)  Dinner all together and then a quick walk in what is surely the beginning of the rain and cold (side note: this afternoon I had my weather.com homepage pulled up and it told me it was 71 here and 40 in Rockford.  I kind of wanted to cry) that's headed this way. We came back to enjoy our cherry cheesecake popsicles and hopefully catch the Tigers game but are bummed to find out it is currently in rain delay.  So the kiddos are in the tub and I'm off to the library to 'stock up'

Noah's conferences in the morning, headed to BG for lunch with my Mom and then Pigs in A Blanket tomorrow night (the kids think this is ridiculously funny).  Until then...

He wanted me to take a picture of him and his giraffe wearing sunglasses - I have no idea...

 And of course not to be outdone...

 Ready for some Kid Kitchen

 Chopping the cherries

 Our pretzel bites out of the oven

 Yum yum yum

Kayla shows off our take on cherry cheesecake

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