Monday, April 22, 2013

Jelly Bean Madness

Today may honestly be my favorite celebration so far.  I love jelly beans.  I adore jelly beans.  With what other food can you taste everything ranging from sizzling cinnamon to strawberry cheesecake?  From blackberries to caramel corn?  From birthday cake to cantaloupe?   From Dr. Pepper to kiwi?  And don't even get me started on all the other candies that now have their own lines of jelly beans; starburst, life savers, laffy taffy, nerds, sweet tarts - I have a really hard time deciding at Easter just which kind to have.  Jelly beans are AMAZING!

I knew we were going to have to find a fun way to celebrate today in a way that would let us try lots of different kinds of beans and let everyone have their favorite.  So yesterday, since Grant was home from work, we all piled into the car and headed to the candy store we had visited back in January.  When we were there before I had taken advantage of the ginormous Jelly Belly display that they had and hadn't been disappointed.  (Side note, jelly belly's are my personal favorite of all the jelly beans and may rival pretzel M&M's and red hots as my favorite candy ever).  Each of us got to make a small mixed bag of five different flavors to devour today.  In case you were interested, here's the run down:

Noah: Cantaloupe, A&W Root Beer, Blueberry, Island Punch and Sour Orange
Mikayla: Buttered Popcorn, Margarita, Berry Blue, Birthday Cake Remix and Lemon Drop
Grant: Orange Sherbet, Soda Pop Shoppe (Dr. Pepper, 7 Up, Orange Crush, Grape Crush, A&W Root Beer and A&W Cream Soda) Birthday Cake Remix, Cappuccino and Honey Drop
Kristi: Soda Pop Shoppe (see Grant), Cold Stone Mix (Birthday Cake Remix, Mint Mint Chocolate Chip, Apple Pie a la Mode, Chocolate Chocolate, Strawberry Blonde), Tropical Smoothie Mix (can't remember what all of these were, but they were yummy!), Candy Corn and Caramel Corn

We all have shared and traded today and when the votes were in, Noah liked A&W Root Beer and Island Punch the best, Kayla couldn't get enough of the buttered popcorn, Grant liked the Honey Drop and the Dr. Pepper and I would eat them all except the black ones!

I so adore jelly beans that our trip didn't seem like quite enough, though I should have probably quit while I was ahead.  Last week when I was researching this week's recipes I flagged 3 jelly bean recipes that I thought looked interesting.  I couldn't decide between jelly bean biscotti, jelly bean oatmeal cookies or jelly bean cookies so I asked Grant to take a look, pick his favorite and that's what we'd have.  He picked the jelly bean cookies.  Looking over the recipe a little closer I began to fear we might have another Skittle Cookie mess on our hands, but I had asked him what he wanted so I decided the kiddos and I would make them after I picked up Noah from school.

All I'm going to say about the cookies is that we had a ton of fun making them.  And they were tastier than the skittle cookies.  But after everyone had tasted one (Grant had two) the rest of them found their stick way into my trash can tonight.

After dinner we took our first bike ride of the season!  (Because let's face it, it'll probably be 20 degrees again tomorrow so we should take advantage of 60 while we can)  I love zipping around the neighborhood with my gang and there were a TON of people out enjoying the weather as well. Popsicles and ice cream when we got back (and we finished off Kayla's jelly beans, too!) and now we're wrapping up the night with baths before hitting the hay.

Strawberry cheesecake and Kid Kitchen tomorrow, really looking forward to it :)  Until then...

I had to name every single flavor for Noah before he had his choices (he is so my kid)

 Think we had enough to choose from?

 My two favorite beans with their bag of beans

 Before we made the cookies Noah sorted all the jelly beans out of the other Easter candy mix (Chalk up another pro for jelly bean day - using up Easter candy!)

 My favorite munchkins ready to make some cookies

 They are getting so good, pretty soon I won't even need to supervise Kid Kitchen

 Before mixing

 Ready for the oven

 They look beautiful ;-)

 Noah and Kayla post-lunch snacking on their beans

Ready for our bike ride

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