Monday, April 29, 2013

Big Shrimpin'

The kiddos had a fabulous time in Fremont over the weekend.  So much so that I will probably now spend the next 48 hours getting them back to 'normal'  As it is I cannot convince Kayla to put down the hat my Dad got her and Noah had a 20 minute meltdown this morning when I told him he could not take his Cecil Fielder baseball card with him to school.  ("But I've got to tell everyone that he's Prince's Dad, Mom!")

The only casualty of the weekend was Mikayla's shin that got a bit scraped up.  It was a four band aid scrape.  She's been pretty good about it and given that my Mom (bless her!) gave them baths yesterday morning we did not have to undertake that hurdle last night.  But that of course all changed tonight...

We had a super jam packed evening of dinner, a bike ride and then hurrying back here to get to Skype with the Kunkle family.  So busy that my sink was still full of dirty dishes when we got done skyping while Grant hustled Thing 1 and Thing 2 off to the bath.  So it is with me up to my elbow in suds and scampi remnants that I hear Mikayla screaming bloody murder.  I had just pulled the towel off my shoulder to go and see if I could be of some assistance when I naked tear-streaked  Mikayla comes tearing into the kitchen.

"I don't wanna take the band aids off, Mama"  Grant had managed to snag one of four while she was distracted on the potty hence the screaming and tears.  Doing my "Mom Thing" I managed to distract her enough to get the other three off with little more than a few whimpers.  Thinking I've got things under control I stick my hands back in the suds when the sobbing starts again.

"I don't want it to get wet, Mama!"  Really?  Grant looked at me like "OK great fixer, solve this one"

"If it stays dry will you go take a bath without any more tears?" *Sniffle sniffle nod sniffle sniffle*  So I do the only thing I can think of - I open the cupboard under the sink, pull out one of the plethora of plastic grocery bags that need to go off to the recycling station, put a hole in the bottom which I have Kayla stick her foot through and wrap it around the scrape. "Are you really going to do that?" Grant asks me.  Um, yes! Ta Da!  "Is that OK?"  Nodding my appeased three year old tears off down the hall to the bathroom.

"You know that is going to come off as soon as she gets in the bath, right?"  Grant asks me.  "Probably, but it's distracted her enough to get her in the tub.  Sometimes that is all it really takes" Consider that my Mom wisdom for the day.  Was it necessary to wrap Kayla's leg in a plastic bag? Nope, not at all.  But the extra 30 seconds it took me was totally worth the end of the melt-down.

Why am I sharing this?  Mostly for my own good.  I figure maybe if I take the time to write it out and pound it into my brain the next similar situation I will actually remember this lesson.  Lots of the time it is easier to just say in not so many words 'suck it up and deal' but maybe more often I'll remember the benefits of stopping and coming up with a way to 'fix' things.

On another note, happy National Shrimp Scampi Day.  Red Lobster officially has nothing on me today.  (I've never actually been to Red Lobster so maybe they do)  To go with the Scampi I made some of the cheddar biscuits the chain is famous for that my husbands and kiddos raved about after their trip to Illinois.

Raisin madness tomorrow in Kid Kitchen.  Until then...

Shrimp Scampi

Cheddar Bay Buiscuts

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