Saturday, April 20, 2013

Upside World

Imagine one of your favorite desserts.  Okay, now imagine one of the foods you absolutely HATE;  that food that gives you the creeps just thinking about eating it.  Now imagine that the celebration of both of those foods falls on the SAME day.

Welcome to my Dad's world today ;-)

I love ya, LJ, and I've been thinking about you quite a bit as we celebrated Pineapple Upside Down Cake and Lima Beans today.  You will be thrilled (thought probably not at all surprised) to learn that your grandkids both feel the same way you do about each of these foods.  The Lima Bean Pasta I made for lunch was a struggle to say the least though they did both finish.  And I'm not sure I saw the pineapple upside down cakes (I made individual ones in my muffin tin, too cute!  And any time I can make a dessert that only makes 4 servings = total bonus) before they scarfed them down.  I also made some very fun pineapple pancakes (pineapple rings dipped in pancake batter!) with a brown sugar pineapple syrup for breakfast this morning that disappeared rather quickly.  Even Kayla, who we sometimes struggle with at breakfast time (though she loves to eat breakfast foods at other times of the day, go figure) plowed through those.  I'd say we sufficiently celebrated them both today.

The rest of our day has been busy.  We saw that the Wixom library was going to be having a celebration of the Wixom fire department today, complete with tours of fire engines and firemen clothes to try on!  Well of course that was a must with Noah.  Grant and the kiddos headed over there for a bit this morning while I braved the snow.  That's right, snow.  Don't believe me?  Check  out the pictures.

After the above mentioned lunch we all went to Home Depot for the home show they had going on.  There was a bounce house and a build workshop for the kiddos which was a lot of fun.  I don't usually go with them to the builds (that is a Daddy thing) so it was quite the experience to help Mikayla wield the hammer...

This afternoon I've been stocking up the freezer a bit (this is another day when I really wish I had that smell-o-vision to share with you.  You'll see what I mean in the pictures) while Grant took the kiddos to Castaway Play.  This is a HUGE treat around here, and I'm thrilled to report the reason for it; Noah's Pre-School Assessment arrived yesterday.  Noah was shown as "Mastering" all the skills required but 3 (one of which was self-control.  I'm 30 and I don't have self-control mastered!) which were said to be "developing"  Mrs. Porto wrote wonderful things about him, specifically mentioning his leadership skills, number/pattern work and his love for cooking which he is always sharing with the class! (I seriously almost burst into tears I was so delighted when I read that one)  And while I understand and somewhat agree with Grant's 'you expected anything else?' sentiment, I really wanted to show Noah how thrilled we were for him and all that he's accomplished this year.  She also wrote that she feels he is more than ready for kindergarten where he will no doubt thrive.  So proud of my little man!

Chocolate covered cashew truffles tomorrow (say that one three times fast) and perhaps an art project or two.  Until then...

We woke up to snow this morning

 It'll fit someday Noah, promise!

 Riding in the back of a police car - hopefully the only time in his life he ever has this experience

 Playing at the Wixom library

 Lima Bean Pasta (you have to look really hard for the, but I promise they're in there)

 Mini Pineapple Upside Down Cake

 Isn't it cute???

 These really honestly might be the prettiest bagels I've ever made

 Cinnamon rolls for breakfast - just need to be iced :)

 Rarely do my cinnamon rolls turn out so pretty, had to get a picture 

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