Wednesday, April 3, 2013

You Put the Chocolate On the Moose

 Chocolate Mousse - Just Press Play :)  (To say anything else would be gilding the lily on this one!)

Until tomorrow when I tackle Cordon Bleu...

The kiddos and I made caterpillars today - check it out!

 She was so proud - with minimal assistance she cut out all the body segments for her caterpillar and put it all together.  (She rocked it with the scissors if I do say so myself)

 Noah made his whole caterpillar from start to finish all by himself

 Noah's caterpillar

 Showing off their projects

 Chocolate Mousse

Noah said no fancy dish for him, bring on the container!  (Needless to say, the mousse is gone)

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  1. Was wondering if you were going to talk like him. Now I see you also dressed like him! Cute caterpillars, too.